Netflix: Watching Female Comedians (AD)

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Who doesn't love Binge watching Netflix?

I usually watch Netflix on my iPad or laptop, but I need to reinvest in a new TV for my livingroom.  AJ and I will cuddle up round the laptop at the moment, which just isn't as fun as a day in front of the TV. The new 4KTV Panasonic has me lusting after it. The bright colourful displays and their sleek designs have me dreaming of watching Netflix on the big screen again, something I haven't done in a while. 

Netflix is definitely one of my favourite ways to waste a good few hours at home. Right now all I seem to watch is female comedians, which is something totally different to what I am used to. There is something very appealing about watching Millennial woman talk about life struggles in a way that seems to be relatable and therefore completely hilarious. 

So I thought I would take the time to talk through some of my favourites to watch, and maybe have you clicking away from OITNB for a night of giggles.

1. Ali Wong - Baby Cobra 
Without a doubt the best comedian you could watch on Netflix. she is heavily pregnant discussing sex, dating and her life goals of being a "well off" stay at home Mum who poops in her own house and goes for coffee in Lulu Lemon outfits - She talks about how Feminism got it all wrong, how we should all be aiming for the most relaxing life possible. She does this in a way which somehow ends up being empowering and somehow feminist in its own right.  

2. Ali Wong - Hard Knock Wife 
The sequel to Baby Cobra Ali is back with round two and a new pregnancy. She flips the first show and decides she doesn't want to be a stay at home mum anymore, how the reality is far from what she wanted it to be - and how she is back at work. Her views on parenting, breastfeeding and her marriage are so real, so current that it will have you near enough wetting yourself laughing. She is the ultimate of accidental girlboss. 

3. Iliza Shlesinger - Confirmed Kills 
PARTY GOBLINS. Seriously she is awesome. She talks dating and life as a single female in such a good way, one which is completely relatable. I love how she discusses our inner party goblins who come out while drunk to have fun, the way she puts it is just incredible - and SO relatable. 

4.  Iliza Shlesinger - Elder Millennial
Elder Millennial is Iliza's latest additon to Netflix. She is now engaged, but discusses dating and stereotypes in a way I haven't seen a comedian do before. She has you questioning why things are the way they are for females in the dating world, yet has you wetting yourself laughing at the reality of it all. I also love how she compares women to she-dragons when their new boyfriends leave home - I LOVE it. 

5. Amy Schumer - The Leather Special
Such an honest approach to dating and sex, it is SO good to see women talking about sex in a non offensive or shameful way. She had be laughing my head off at the discriptions and gestures she uses to describe the situations she finds herself in. Plus it wouldn't be Amy without some body confidence humour. 

If you haven't seen these yet, you really should - I highly recommend. What is your favourite thing to watch on Netflix? And how do you watch? TV, Laptop? Let me know in the comments! 


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