August Favourites 2018

August has been the best month this year, without a doubt. 

I thought I would share with you my favourites from the past month, and celebrate the best month yet of my 2018. 

I have been loving the primer since I have started using it. I don't think it does too much with regards to actually correcting - but a base for makeup this is fantastic. The packaging is fab too, airless pumps are the way forward. 

I have been loving this on no makeup - makeup days. It is so easy to apply with my fingers evenly and it covers the imperfections - or my eye bags beautifully. I can understand the Glossier hype with this product. It really is SO good. 

The Bobbi Brown cream blushes truly are a classic for a reason. They are so beautiful to use and apply using my fingers prefectly. I have been a big fan of avoiding brushes this month and this definitely helps. 

4. Primark Pure Lipstick £2.00
I cannot quite believe I am saying this.... but I do like this primark lipstick. It is ultra creamy and really pigmented. The formula is stunning... and for £2... well you cannot complain.  

I am still so in love with this highligher... so much I cleaned it just for this photo. It is the perfect pinky gold tone which just seems to work beautifully on my pale skin. I love this for any and every occasion. Either subtle or bold. 

I keep everything. All my photos. I know - I have hoarding issues. But still, everything. It's good to finally have a hard drive which is actually reliable and hard wearing. Definitely worth the cost if you are looking for a new one. 

7. Two and a Half Men 
Sure Charlie Sheen isn't the most pure of people anymore - but I cant help but love watching the classic show. With Alan and Jake. It needs to be season 1-8, not the new ones. They are on Amazon Prime too if you want to rewatch! 

I've been part of the vans crew for well over a year now, but I will admit I am slightly in love with my new Adidas trainers, they feel like socks. Sure they are not the prettiest of trainers, but they are SO comfortable and practical! 

9. My Exam Results 
3 As!!! Oh and I got into uni. Who is sick of hearing about it yet? Oh well. I will continue to shout it from the rooftops. I am SO excited!! 

10. AJ's Birthday
Happy Birthday Sausage. Today my little guy turned 7! Honestly life passes so quick when you have kids, a complete blink and you miss it type moments - but they are so worth it. Couldn't be prouder of my little guy, he is incredible. 

What makeup have you loved this month? Have you tried any of these? Let me know in the comments below! 

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