August Skincare Saviours

How on earth is August almost over? 

There goes another month down, how can it be September in a few days? Here is my favourite skincare from the past month, even if I have been a bit shit at keeping up a good routine...

This is the only thing I have used consistently on my face this month. Every day without fail, I love how clean it makes my skin feel and look. I reach for this every morning after my shower and before using a moisturiser. Love it. 

Ren is quickly becoming a brand I want to try more and more from. I have been reaching for this on no makeup days just to help keep my skin in the best condition possible. A little really does go a long way with this too - so will last a long time for the money. 

*smears all over my face* I LOVE this. The scent, the formula, the feel. It's like spa goodness in a jar. If I have had makeup on this month I have removed it using this, and wow does it work beautifully. Cannot recommend this enough.  

 I am in love with rose in skincare, my face seems to love it. It seems to hydrate my skin without adding oils into my already oily/combo skin, which is all a girl could ask for in hot conditions. I love using this before makeup, it soaks in quickly and leaves a good base. 

They need to make the scent of this into a body cream... and a candle.... and a spray.... and everything because oh my goodness it smells like summer. I LOVE this. SO moisturising, so hydrating, this is a top product for me now, I love it. 

I just want to smell good all the time. I love getting out of the shower and applying this to my legs after shaving. It is really sweet-scented, which won't be for everyone - but I love it. The smell isn't too overpowering, it definitely doesn't linger too long, which is a good thing in my eyes. 

I cannot imagine going back to shower gel now that I have been using foam for so long now. I love the Bilou foams too - this one just smells like coconutty goodness. I love the scent. I use this to shave my legs too - why would anyone go back to gels now? :) 

I love this lip mask. Everyone seems to be obsessed with the Balm Dot Coms and I am applying this like mad every night to keep my lips soft and smooth. It works though because my lips haven't peeled in a long long time. 

Overall, I really need to up my skincare routine. Get back into the swing of it all, get my skin looking good for uni. What has been your favourite skincare products this month? Let me know! 


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