February Favourites 2019

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Another month down. 

February has flown by, thanks to its short 28 days. I'm so excited for warmer weather now, I cannot wait. Here is everything I have been loving in the meantime. 

1. Urban Decay Detour £24.00 Full Post Here
A palette like all the others, but I like it all the same. Such a pretty little collection of shades, and one I find myself reaching for all the time. The warm tones are so "me" - especially the matte shades. 

With a good primer, this actually works for me. It's taken a long time for me to really understand the full hype (because my oily skin would melt it off) The coverage has always been beautiful, but with the Dermalogica Primer*, it actually lasts all day. YAY. 

I've been off for a whole week, my nails have been painted. Painting your nails in health care is like a very special treat. And this one is really beautiful. 

This shade is my favourite shade, that pinky nude shade. I remembered how much I loved this after wearing this earlier this month. I've worn it constantly since. It's beautiful.

Such a weird thing to love, but they are so nice. So glad I picked them up from Amazon at such a low price too! Highly recommend these for notes, they are beautiful. 

6. Placement 
How can I do a favourites without this?? I am going to have the most incredible job at the end of this course. I have loved every second out on placement - it's just amazing. Worth every ounce of effort it gets (which is a lot). 

I was unsure if I would get the use from this, but wow have I. Manual Blood Pressure is something I have really enjoyed becoming confident at, to the point I prefer it over an electronic one now. It's quicker, less painful - and more accurate. The Littmann is beautiful to use too. 

The first book I have managed to read in a long long time. It helps that this was really easy to read, in short snippets. Very funny, very real, brutally honest. Highly recommend reading this. Adam was also an OB/GYN, so its right up my street - lots of births, pregnant women, complications. Very good. 

9. Sex Education (Netflix)
Okay, I LOVE this. I need more. Now. You listening Netflix? MAKE IT HAPPEN. (I know they are making more, but still). This is SO good. I love the mum. I love Eric & Adam. I love Maeve. I love Otis. I love Aimee, especially the episode with the crumpets. I need more. 

10. Time With AJ
I thought I would maybe end up seeing AJ less being on placement - but I'm actually getting a good amount of time with him. I miss just hanging out with him - he is a cool kid. Recently we have been to the Zoo, been for ice cream and we have been watching Americas Got Talent together on Netflix, which is good fun every night. 

Which products have you been loving this month? 


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