Gatineau Floracil Gentle Eye Makeup Remover*

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One swipe and the makeup is gone! 

Gatineau have very recently re-released their classic eye makeup remover. I have no idea how this ended up being discontinued, but luckily it is back. 

I didn't try it the first time around, but I must say I am impressed now. As a blogger, the true capabilities of an eye makeup remover is at its limits while attempting to remove swatches from your arm for the millionth time that day. Without leaving stains of course. This one manages it no problem at all - and therefore works beautifully on the eyes too. This can remove eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow... Tick tick tick. It can also remove lipstick pretty well too. 

The scent is subtle but nice, and the formula itself is fresh and non-oily. The bottle with the push-down top is particularly fantastic too - so so easy to use! 

"Our iconic Original Floracil Gentle Eye Make-up Remover gently removes the remnants of the day and all traces of eye make-up. This wonderfully cooling and refreshing non-oily, non-drying and non-irritating liquid is highly effective, quickly dissolving and removing even the most stubborn of make-up. Floracil is extremely gentle with the same pH as tears; which means, no stinging, irritation or puffiness. Dermatologist tested."

Overall, I'm really impressed with this, and will use it up in no time I'm sure :) 


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