Let's Talk: Trusting Media Influencers

I have been reading a lot of posts and Twitter rants lately about media influencers, mainly by bloggers and how they are changing the media and how advertising was used up until this point.

It seems now with social media - regular people can now become famous. Bridging the gap between celebrity and regular. Their is now a big grey area inbetween, which lies people like bloggers and YouTubers. People that from a perspective can be seen as just a normal girl.... A normal girl who is getting paid a not so normal amount for endorsing a product or an event, but somehow doesn't quite gain that "celebrity" title.

While I have zero issues with people doing sponsored posts and collaborating with brands, I have noticed the appeal to run out and buy a product a normal girl is endorsing is much higher than what it would be if BeyoncĂ© was doing it, I mean she is out of our league right? But someone sitting in their bedroom chatting about an item is more relatable... even if that item is a Chanel bag unboxing - as if its a new release straight out of Primark.

Basically the issue I have with it all is its not "normal" being able to buy an item like that - it isn't typical. Most girls will dream of such an item, and if extremely lucky will be gifted one for a big birthday, or will save up for years for it. Hell, a lot of us will live a long and happy life without such an item, but these girls are making it look as if its a normal thing to buy - like hey "look at my new chanel bag, I impulse bought it in Paris" You impulse buy a new River Island dress.. not a £2000 hand bag.

And I know, the automatic response to any post like this, is "they work hard, they deserve it, they have built up a channel, you are just jealous"

Am I jealous? I think its human nature to look at something like that and think "oh I wish.." but is it to the point I am bitter? no. I love my life, I work hard for what I own, and I have zero problems with my income and I have no desire to be at their level. More on that here.

My main issue with it all is they are being paid a celebrity amount of money, to influence us. That is there role. I suppose I am now part of that too - trying to influence you all into buying things I like too. But at what point should we question their loyalty to us as their viewers? Or are they becoming more loyal to their status, brand, bank balance etc. At what point do you stop seeing them as a normal girl, and more like someone who wants us to buy their latest release or colaberation.. or are only promoting something for the cash incentive?
At what point do you look at a YouTuber and see they don't see this as fun, they see it as a way to maintain their new lifestyle? Or to promote other things they have been working on?

What has really been upsetting me recently is seeing some of them not post for weeks, then do a post promoting something. Like a chit chat get ready with me, or just a vlog isn't worth their time anymore. So I have actually been unfollowing them, I just don't want to watch someone who has no enthusiasm, but doesn't want to just quit. It's not pretty to watch, and it makes me doubt everything they are saying.. I mean would you have posted this video without being paid? Probably not.

What has caused this post is another post very similar, and a few very very large YouTubers taking offence by the honesty. Deeming it "slander" FYI, Slander is a legal term, "the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation" which she didn't do. She made a point similar to mine, about what "normal" is, and how their lives are out of the ordinary. But many took offence to it, as if it wasn't correct.. but us as people, have the right to say things on the internet, as long as they are factual, and not completely horrible (cause that's just not nice mm'kay)

I just feel that posts like this they will deem as "bullying" but is it? being honest about how they make their money? Is it something they are ashamed of? I am all for women working their asses off and doing as well as men, but I feel this is something that not only effects the women on YouTube, but the men too.

So do not feel like you need to support everyone on the internet, and do not be afraid to speak out and say "you clearly don't like that product, hell you haven't even used it" (true story, favourites video with a pair of shoes, which still had clean stickers on the bottom dispite the quite of "I have worn these ALL month" mmmhm.

So my point is, we don't always have to love and support everyone all the time, you can say "hey I didn't like that" but just be careful online... Take them with a pince of salt, and all the good ones will be honest with you, or answer any issues you may have straight away. They won't accuse you of bullying, and they wont accuse you of slander if you are asking a simple (but polite) question.

What they shouldn't do is draw attention to your tweet and then accuse you of slander/bullying, which I have seen done, its not pretty or nice. If anything, that is them using their influence to bully, which can essentially destroy someone. Not nice.

I am going to take the time to say this isn't directed at anyone in particular, just a lot of happenings over the past year or so. Just food for thought, and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, have you ever doubted a youtuber? or felt like they weren't loving it anymore?

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  1. I completely agree with you! I too have been unfollowing YouTubers I've followed for years because of their new "celebrity" status! Leanne Lim Walker is one of them who has really disappointed me lately, no new posts in weeks and when she does make a video - BAM it's sponsored. I find it a little disappointing, I followed her because I loved her style and her personality, but her YouTube has just been full of sponsored content lately and it's such a turn off. Smaller content creators FTW!

    Abbey ✨ www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  2. The amount of people i have unfollowed because of them thinking they are better than anyone else, theres nothing wrong with us little bloggers/vloggers. Just because i cant afford everything, doesnt make me a shit blogger! It pisses me off.


  3. Great post and you raise good points, I know what you mean sometimes its hard to believe in someone who is endorsing something you just can't see them using in real life xoxo

  4. As an Instagram influencer, I guess collaborations and sponsors come into your mailbox every day. When DW comes in and asks to sponsor their watch, why would you decline? Yes, influencers who sponsor every single video or post with products are incorrect. However, I don't think it's wrong to receive a product you genuinely like and show it to your viewers.

    Grace ♥

  5. Couldn't agree more!! Please check out my latest summer hair tutorials with ghd.

    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love

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  6. This is so true sadly :/


  7. I really hate the shadiness around some YouTubers; I don't care if content is sponsored, just be honest about it! (And don't pretend to buy stuff that was clearly gifted!) I personally find Instagram to be the worst - people shilling just about anything with zero disclosure of any kind...

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty | US & Sephora Giveaway

  8. When I first started blogging and first receiving items for review etc. I always thought why on earth would a blogger not say that they were sent an item, it shows everyone that they're good enough to have caught the attention of brands. But now that I see so much (unwarranted) hate towards people that do sponsored content I definitely get it. It honestly makes no difference to me if a review is sponsored or not, if I like the look of something then I might check it out, if not then I won't, just the same as if I saw an advert on tv or in a magazine or if I saw a friend wearing something I liked.

    To be fair, if I was offered a lot of money then yeah I'd probably sound a hell of a lot more excited about something than if I wasn't given anything. But I completely agree that people shouldn't falsely advertise things or just outright lie.


  9. This was a really interesting read Erin! So honest and thoughtful. I personally value honesty more than anything as long as it's said nicely. I totally believe you can be nice and honest at the same time, no matter what the opinion. Because the truth is that we're all different and we can't like the same things, so there's no point in trying to nor to be mean about it. Expressing opinions is very very important and personally I love hearing about new ways of looking at life, just as long as you know what you're doing. Nobody benefits of comments like "you're fake". There's no point there, no feedback to work on. And I don't think anybody's going to change the way they are in the light of comments like that.
    As for Youtubers or bloggers faking it...well, that's just sad. Especially if you have a huge audience, you'd think they'd have the chance to choose what they say and of which products.
    Thanks for a great read hon. Really enjoyed reading this!
    Hope you've had a lovely weekend so far <3
    Emma xxx


  10. wow your blog header is incredible!

    Elle x


  11. Great post lovely! I completely get where you're coming from, I'm always proud to see bloggers doing so well for themselves and being able to afford expensive things, but at the same time I thing it's SO important to still be relatable to their viewers and showcase affordable items that we can all love and enjoy!

    Hayley x

  12. Honesty is very important, because if you're not really liking a product it will show sooner or later, which will be even worse for the "reputation". Not to mention, why would you lie about liking something?! I don't think it's wrong to use sponsored products, just be honest about your experience with the brand.


  13. Such a interesting post to read Erin. I also read the post that you are referring to, and didnt see a massive issue with it. Yes maybe she shouldn't of pointed such obvious fingers at people but they also shouldn't of retaliated the way they did, Especially when people have such large followings. You need to think twice before you open someone up to people who could get very passionate about defending their favorite youtuber/blogger.
    Something that can be easily sorted behind closed doors becomes very vile. Such a shame.

    I have a bit of a problem with these fashion hauls I have seen a lot of on Youtube and OOTD on Snapchat. They show clothes from certain stores (I think we all know what stores im on about here lol) boost about how beautiful they are and then you never see them wearing them again.
    It does make me laugh. xx

  14. I totally agree with this post. Especially the part where the 'influencers' who get more popular begin not posting as much. I always notice this with youtubers. I mean i get they are busy but just because they are popular now doesn't mean they don't need to make videos for us anymore.


  15. I think about this issue a lot and although I have no problem with sponsored content or PR samples I do hate it when the love for a product doesn't seem genuine. It has to be a brand or campaign that they really believe in or else it's not fair to the audience or them. Favourites videos are always a bit of a conundrum for me, I never know if I trust them!


  16. Really enjoyed reading this, hon. You voiced and spoke for so many people I think, not just bloggers.
    Personally, I couldn't care less if I see that the post or a video is sponsored or if it's labelled AD. The main thing is gushing about a product, an item or a service you really love. I have said no to many collaborations because why would I want to be involved in something I don't support or haven't enjoyed trying out myself. If I see a blogger wearing their favourite foundation, including it in a few photos on IG, mentioning it to someone on Twitter, then I know: "Yup, they REALLY love it". But then again, it comes to that personal connection and trust we have (or don't have) towards them.
    Are you talking about a particular blogger/YouTuber or in general, hon?
    xox Nadia


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