January Favourites 2019


It's currently the 17th January. I'm PRE-WRITING content. Which is a huge deal to me, I'm usually soooooooooo lazy with content. I'm usually a solid write it the night before kinda chick. So, I'm hoping I still have all the feels for these for the next two weeks, cause lets face it, it would suck if I changed my mind now. I mean I took the photos already. But I can't imagine I will, I just get good vibes from these. 

Hello, peachy pink perfection. Seriously this shade is beautiful, and I'm all about having a nude lippy at the moment. This adds a little bit more to the standard nude. I love it. 

This one is actually included within my 2019 project pan because it is so beautiful, such a good all over the lid shade, and I have been loving it for when I do my makeup quickly for placement. 

Highlighter perfection. This peachy champagne glow is just everything on my pale skin tone, it's beautiful. Also, the packaging, the pan, the weight of the product. It's luxe to use too - highly recommend! 

Okay, I now get the fuss around this one. My lashes look so long, separated and curled with this one, it's so nice. Everyone loved this on launch, and I am well and truly on that bandwagon now. 

Described as a khaki green nude by boots I would agree completely. Think grey-green. Such a unique shade, so different - but I have really been enjoying it regardless, it is so nice on the nails - especially at this time of year (I had mine painted a full 5 days in between shifts lol) 

 So this was a totally ridiculous purchase, one I definitely did not need - but still, I do love it. I haven't used any other mug since I got it either. Regardless it is completely unnecessary... but fun, and I'll probably buy more... 

I am a tad obsessed with this too. What is my thing for cups at the moment? I have no idea. But this is a good one. One I got for £7 in the Debenham sales too. 

8. Easter Percy Pigs
I would usually hate easter this early - no one needs to see the eggs in the supermarket already - it's stupid... buuuut I am so okay with Percy and the bunny sweeties being stocked now. They are SO good! If you haven't tried them yet you really should! 

I fell out of love with YouTube for a while, I was fed up of the content, it all just seemed a bit samey. So I had a huge clear out and I have been loving my subscription box again, definitely worthwhile taking the time to do. (check out the post if you haven't already) 

What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments below! 


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