Natural Skincare With Antipodes

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Antipodes - The Natural, Vegan approach to Skincare. 

I really love a more natural approach to skincare, and Antipodes are exactly that. I have been lucky enough to work with them before too - you can view that post here

As I am all sure you know by now, I started my Midwifery placement last week, needless to say my hands are now paying the price for that. The constant hand washing is a very crucial part of the job, but my hands now are beginning to become drier with every hand wash. Hand cream is the way around that, and this one has been a saviour over the past two weeks. Joyful Hand & Body Cream £26.25 has been joyful - how name appropriate. 

Antipodes Describe it as: 
"Glorious summer blackcurrant flirts with South Pacific hibiscus bloom. Avocado oil delivers an immediate boost of hydration to dry, tired and stressed skin. This captivating and velvety cream will leave your skin dewy, fragrant and free from oily residue."

The Hallelujah Cleanser £23.00 has the most beautiful Lime & Patchouli scent. Although this is not the best at removing makeup. I have been using this in the morning for clearing up my skin, or at night after a 12 hour shift - because my makeup simply won't stay on in the hospital, so I don't bother.  So I have been loving using this for just day to day use to clear away any impurities. 

Antipodes Describe it as: 
"This impeccably pure facial cleanser is an intelligent, functional formula featuring New Zealand botanical extracts. Essential oils of wild lime, patchouli and kawakawa purify and uplift."

The Nirvana Hand & Body Wash £17.00 has been my go to in the shower for the past few weeks. The super fresh scent is perfect for in the morning - especially for that little bit more of a luxe vibe with the clean scent. With the oil ingredients this also leaves your skin feeling super soft and smooth. It is a pleasure to use. 

Antipodes Describe it as: 
"Treat yourself to the ultimate unisex hand and body wash for your daily and nightly grooming rituals. A moisturising mix of hibiscus flower and anti-blemish harakeke oil cleanses intensely. Harakeke or New Zealand flax is a favourite of the tui, an enchanting songbird in Aotearoa’s skies.
Elements of Beauty: Hibiscus flower * Kiwi seed oil * Harakeke flax"

Overall, I am impressed with Antipodes yet again, and would highly recommend checking them out if you haven't already - especially if you love natural, vegan skincare. 


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