October Favourites 2019

Another month over, and it's almost my birthday... 

The end of another month. Hopefully, November won't fly by as quick as October, but I doubt it. This month seems to have just gone in a flash!..

The minute I swatched this I knew it would be coming home with me... unfortunately they had no stock *cries*. So I applied the sample, fell in love - then Alex from my local counter contacted me when they came back into stock... I can see this one quickly becoming a firm favourite. (psst I took this photo in mid-October to photograph an untouched lipstick - how pretty!). 

Quickly becoming my favourite foundation, this one is beautiful. I wear the shade 01 Flax, which is perfect for my skin tone. It lasts all day long on my oily skin too, which is the main selling point for me to be fair. This is medium to full coverage too, so perfect for a full face of makeup 

This has been in my stash for such a long time now, and I must admit I am loving it - especially with the autumn vibes going on currently. I love the burgundy shade with the champagne and gold - so pretty! I've been using it loads :) 

The most perfectly beautiful metallic green. I've had a whole 6 days off placement so took full opportunity of it and painted my nails. Even with them being cracked, stubby and sore - they look cute. 

I can now confirm, without a doubt - the Iolla Smith's are my favourite glasses. I have a lot of pairs now, but these are my most worn - especially about the house where I want to be comfortable. They fit well, they don't dig in, they are light - and they are super cute. I do think though I might need to treat myself to another colour of them - especially as these ones are now not sold! :( 

I LOVE dungarees, they are so comfortable. The Lucy & Yak ones are the best too, ethically sourced, sustainable, committed to paying a living wage for their employees... honestly the brand as a whole is incredible, as is their clothing. 

7. Oversized Jumpers 
Autumn is the queen of comfy clothes, thick leggings, boots, scarves and jumpers!! I have two brown jumpers which seem to be a current staple and I am loving them. One from Primark, one from Tesco. Definitely worth picking up just for the comfort value! 

These have been my go-to for the past month. They are so easy to pop on and they look cute with all my clothes! The colour is perfect for this time of year. 

9. Chuck 
Completely silly programme, and to be honest I'm not sure if I even loved it... but I enjoyed binge-watching it for weeks - so I must have? Just don't want the last season - terrible! 

10. The Middle 
I LOVE this programme. They show parenting in such a funny light... they are also all on amazon prime, so much easier to binge-watch while cooking, getting ready etc. 

What have you loved this month? 


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