October Skincare Saviours

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Back into the Swing of Skincare... 

It's been a while since I have enjoyed skincare this much, and I am so glad I'm taking care of my skin again... my face should start thanking me for it soon right? 

I am really enjoying the body butters at the moment, especially with the weather changing and my skin drying out - the ginger smell is incredible too! 

I love this scent, it's incredible! Random Tesco purchase while it was on offer, but I'll definitely be repurchasing this one - plus the bear on the bottle is super cute! (AJ and I both use and love this one). 

Without a doubt my favourite cleanser. This would be the first one I would replace. The smell, the feel of it, how well it works and how it leaves my skin feeling after - its the perfect all-round cleanser.  

I have been reaching for this blue wonder for a good few weeks now and loving the results. Packed with retinol this is the skincare weapon of dreams. It sucks I don't like the smell though... 

The most luxe lip balm I have ever owned... and of course, it is incredible. I love this for my last step in my skincare routine. It tastes like coconutty holiday goodness. 

This month has obviously been very spotty because I feel like I have been using this all the time. I typically apply this at night before bed, then allow it to just soak in - it definitely makes my spots less inflamed and sore... quicker to dry over. 

I really love this mask, really helps to keep my oil production under control and my pores looking their best. I've been reaching for this one a lot this month, the pink shade is so cute too! 

I still don't like epilators. They HURT. But still, I have found myself using it this month. Mostly because I let my leg hair grow out to scary lengths and it was MUCH easier to epilate with longer hair. Maybe they aren't too bad? Maybe. 


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