November Favourites 2019

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ITS CHRISTMASSSSS okay, not yet. But close enough. 

This month has been such a good one, I feel like I have done so much with being back at university and actually having some free time again - so here is everything I have loved this month... 

Palette perfection. I love the Hourglass blush, and this one is just sheer beautiful. I love all four shades and find myself using it every chance I get - sure I didn't need it, but I really wanted it. 

I love this shade, it is so perfect for those lazy days (basically all the days) where I don't wear a full face of makeup. Just a quick pop of colour to make me feel a bit more alive! 

Just so quick and easy to use. A quick swish of this through my brows and they are looking 100x better - messy on purpose rather than just being a mess - which is nice. 

This is now my second finished bottle of this, and I think this time I need to buy a full size. I seem to just reach for it constantly this time of year - I love the scent. Think rich, warm, wood scent. It's stunning. 

This was last years limited edition shade, and I'm so glad I picked it up. It is just such a beautiful yellow gold shade - perfect for this time of year especially. 

6. My New Tattoo 
I am SO in love with my new tattoo. It was completely spontaneous - last minute booking, last-minute design, but wow did it turn out well. Tattoo'd by @MjuTattoo at @sanctuarytattoodundee, I had seen she had some time free so I had popped in with one of her designs in mind, she then changed it a little, then changed it a lot - added some colour and taadaa - my biggest tattoo yet. I must admit I was a complete wimp by the end - it was rather sore, but it was worth it - she is incredible. 

7. The Diptyque Candles 
The best bargain of summer 2019. 3x full size Diptyque candles for £65. I picked these up in the SpaceNK summer sale, and wow am I glad I did! They were SO worth it now that it is Christmas time - also they smell incredible and look amazing. 

I've had so much fun doing my advent calendar again this year. I definitely feel like this is the best one yet - and definitely better than any I have seen - but then I am biased! 

9. Atypical 
- available on Netflix, I have been loving watching this again. New-season launched and I just love the Characters and family. Sam especially. 

In case you missed me on twitter and on Instagram. I LOVE CHRISTMAS MOVIES - especially the cheesy, rom-com, hallmark type. You can view my thread here - but I have been loving watching them all.. any recommendations? 

What have you been loving this month? 


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