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Another Incredible Launch From Pixi 

Seriously, who doesn't love a Pixi product now? They are SO nice! I was so excited to see this huge parcel from them - containing a complete mix of goodies to try - all with information about the products in stunning packaging. So I thought I would go through all the products, swatch them all, and tell you my favourites to pick up! 


This is definitely my favourite part of this new collaboration - the shades are right up my street, those warm autumn tones are me to a T. A good mix of mattes and shimmers - it really does have everything you would need to make a beautiful eye look. I have been using this one since it arrived too - so smooth and easy to blend - lovely palette! 

"ThatsHeart" is an LA based YouTuber. I hadn't heard of her - but at 2.9 million followers - a lot of people will have.


I LOVE the pale shades within this. Because I am super pale, I find myself reaching for those pale champagne shades all the time... The brown and purple aren't for me - but I can see how people love them.

I watch and follow RachLoves on YouTube, and I used to really enjoy her content. She does a lot of beauty content but recently has become a bit more lifestyle. She has 1.4 Million Followers.

Pixi + Chloe Morello Lip Icing Gloss
£16.00 Each

This is Chloe's second Pixi Collaboration - and I must admit this one is not my favourite. I don't tend to me much of a lipgloss girl, so this isn't something I would typically reach for myself - but I can definitely see the appeal with this one. 

Chloe Morello is an Australian YouTuber with 2.6 Million Followers. She is known for hair and beauty content mostly! 

Pixi + Maryam Maquillage Lit Kit
£16.00 Each

Each kit is made up of a liquid lipstick and a shimmery eye shadow - perfect together. The shadows remind me of the Stila Magnificent metals - that liquid formula that dries down to a shimmery topper. The gold shade is perfect for my typical eye look - so definitely the preferred look for me this Christmas - but the black has a beautiful silver shimmer. The lipsticks are nude (with the black) and an orange-red (with the champagne). The perfect combinations. 

Maryam has 200K followers, is New York based, but originally from Russia. She mostly does hair and beauty videos! 

£14.00 Each 

These highlighters are beautiful, but definitely not suitable on my pale skin. It's good to see some versatility though - far too often brands focus on products for fairer skin tones.


I love the shade of this, quick and easy to use, then quick to blend out all over the eye. Simple yet effective. - I love products like this. 

From Head To Toe is a Korean-American YouTuber with 1.2 Million followers.


I have loved trying these from Pixi, what is your favourite Pixi product? 

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