Cheesy RomCom Christmas Movies You Just NEED To Watch

Cheesy RomCom Christmas Movies You Just NEED To Watch, hallmark, prime, netflix, films,

Just in case you don't follow me on Twitter or Instagram... I REALLY love Christmas movies. Especially Rom Coms, and ESPECIALLY cheesy ones which make me doubt my single, empowering women status. The movies where boys are tough and girls "change" them. Oh, the shame. BUT,  I just cannot get enough of them - so here are my favourites. For me, there is a tickbox list of cheesy romcom boxes that must be ticked for me to be happiest. The best people at hitting all the right boxes for me is Hallmark - they are the experts on Cheesy Crap Movies. 

Cheesy RomCom Christmas Movies You Just NEED To Watch, hallmark, prime, netflix, films,
☐ Royalty
☐ Snow 
☐ Palace 
☐ Horse Ride 
☐ Cutting Down a Tree 
☐ Beautiful Ball Gowns 
☐ Disapproving Parents 
☐ Sleigh Ride 
☐ An orphan or Missing/Dead parent 
☐ Putting up a Christmas Tree 
☐ Snowball Fight 
☐ Ice Skating 
☐ Baking 
Small fictional Country
Cute pensioners

1. Love Actually - Available on Prime
This one will forever be my ultimate. I LOVE this movie. The cast - Alan Rickman mostly - will forever win my heart. I love all the characters - and who can deny Hugh Grant is the best Prime Minister the UK has seen (reality or not). If you haven't seen this yet - you need to. 

2. Crown For Christmas - Available on Prime
This one ticks all the boxes for me, and I loved it. The characters were perfect, the King and his daughter were perfect. This was the first one to meet near enough all of my criteria - and it did not disappoint. 

3. Christmas at the Palace - Available on Prime 
Another one which ticked ALL the boxes. This one focused on a retired ice skater working in a small country where they are staying at the palace - you can guess the rest from there - but I loved it. Really beautiful story and setting. 

4. The Princess Switch - Available on Netflix
I do love a switch situation, parent trap, model behaviour (I loved that movie). So this one had additional boxes ticked by bringing back the nostalgia. Plus - it has Gabriella from High School Musical and I'm ALL FOR THAT! 

5. A Royal Winter - Available on Prime
This one again hit all the right boxes - but this time she didn't know he was the prince - oh such a simple fun twist. STUNNING setting, perfect weather, characters. TICK. 

6. Northern Lights of Christmas - Watched on Christmas 24
This one was different - no royalty... but we did tick all the other boxes, and I loved the setting being in Alaska, plus the community was incredible. I loved the reindeer and the northern lights - it was VERY pretty. 

7. A Very Country Christmas - Watched on Channel 5
This one is on here just because of how beautiful Greyston Holt is. I mean sure the movie was really good too - but him as a country singer - I'm ALL for that. Plus the movie ticked a lot of the boxes too, just all-around likeable characters.

8. A Christmas Prince - Royal Baby - Available on Netflix
Okay so I had to give this one 5 stars simply due to their attempt to bring the birth plan a little bit more in line with how it should be - still, it was NOWHERE near close to as it should be - but it was a step in the right direction at least. But mostly I love how there is three movies. It makes me happy getting more to the story (Even if the original is nowhere near as good as the others on this list - yet has the same storyline..) 

Cheesy RomCom Christmas Movies You Just NEED To Watch, hallmark, prime, netflix, films,

I love a Christmas movie, so I would love to have some more recommendations if you have any... here are some others I have watched this year...

Also Worth Watching...
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Cheesy RomCom Christmas Movies You Just NEED To Watch, hallmark, prime, netflix, films,
What is your favourite Christmas Movie? Let me know in the comments, I need some more to watch!


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