Dear 2021, I have Plans.

Well 2021 currently feels like 2020 the sequel, and I'm not enjoying it. 

Lockdown 2.0 has started.... badly. I feel the stress of home schooling, uni at home and boredom creeping in like a plague. If you had told me back in June I would be back in lockdown by January I think I would have cried - a lot. But alas, this is our reality now. The harsh reality of Covid-19. 

I'm definitely of the belief that social distancing, hand hygiene and "staying safe" is most definitely the way to protect our NHS, well alongside vaccinating. I am in no way saying I will be breaking rules or thinking it's unnecessary - I just want to moan about it all, mmmkay? I just would quite like for all of this to end now, move on, fuck off, I want to keep my plans. 

So here are my (probably unrealistic) plans for 2021... 

STEP 1: Finding Some Motivation 
Well I need to do this to do the rest. So if anyone has any to mail me that would be pretty fantastic right about now, cause mine seems to have gotten lost around August'2020. Never to be seen again. 

STEP 2: Be Happy With Myself 
This would usually be "loose weight", but TBH this year has killed any hope of that so far, I barely have the motivation to leave the house never mind put the crisps down. So instead, I plan on working on my mental health to be more accepting of who I am, managing my own health and build up my confidence again. 

STEP 3: Holiday
Like everyone else I dream of lying next to a pool in 30+ degree heat with a book and cocktails. The closer I get to July (and my booked holiday), the further this becomes from being a possibility. Honestly I'm thinking about it now and I'm 95% sure we wont get to go - cause no one wants people from the UK. *cries* 

STEP 4: See Friends & Family
I never realised up until 2020 how much I took "Oh I'm just going out to see..." for granted. I miss meeting my Mum and family in a different area to walk around the shops. I miss driving 60 miles to see my friends for drinks in a club and paying £8 for a glass of wine in a crowded bar. I miss my people. Like everyone does I'm sure, I won't ever take that time for granted again - I miss them. 

Qualify & Get a Job as a Midwife


2021 has been "our year" since 2018 when we started. Never did we imagine how the NHS and the UK would change in this time frame. Nursing/Midwifery degrees are already known to be one of the hardest degrees you can do - but adding Covid-19 into the mix... it's been interesting. 

So 2021 now involves online teaching, essays, 17 weeks of placement, applying for jobs and hopefully becoming a newly qualified midwife with a job that I love. 

Oh and hopefully, hopefully getting to graduate in person, with the robe and all that jazz. 


So there is my hopes for 2021, I doubt they'll all happen, or what they will look like when they do, but a girl can dream, right? 

What were your plans for 2021? Have they changed? Let me know! 


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