2020, Goodbye.

At the end of every year, I would typically gush over all the things I have loved this year, all the products I have used, and the joys this year has brought. This year however, it just didn't seem fitting... this year I've barely paid myself any attention in regards to hair, makeup, clothing etc. This year I feel like all I have done work and sit at home - both of which don't require a full face of makeup. 

So I thought I would run through my savours of 2020, the bits I simply couldn't live without... 
Lounge Wear 
This year I have spent far too much time either in uniform, or leggings and tshirts. Tights and Jeans? No. Since the months have gotten colder, I've added jumpers into the lineup, but realistically not much has changed. Unless it's comfortable - I'm not wearing it. The topic of stretchy comfy clothes fits beautifully with the weight gain too. The lack of excersise and boredom has led to me gaining more weight than I feel comfortable with. Hell, I didn't feel comfortable at the start of this year - nevermind now. But ya'know what? This year has been though, and it has come down to whatever gets you through. 

The Tassimo Coffee Machine 
Back in January I massively overspent on a new coffee machine, I shouldn't have been able to justify the spend - but I did it regardless. By April I was SO thankful I made the splurge. Hello latte's at home. Needless to say with coffee shop closures - this has been a god send. (Especially when you add Bailey's into it). Without a doubt the best money I spent in 2020. 

Audible and Books
I've gone from reading 1-2 books a year - and missing books SO much (I used to read constantly as a teenager) - to now finishing over 50 books this year. I've missed them so much, and I don't think I ever would have started again if this year hadn't been the way it has been. I've submerged myself into new worlds and romantic adventures - I'm hoping this will be one hobby I keep up with. 

Sims 4, Animal Crossing & Fenyx Rising 
Video games have been another must have this year. It has been so nice to escape to beautiful worlds, a little bit of escapism - especially with us not being able to go on holiday. 

When you can't go out, bring the out in - right? Maybe. My house now resembles a jungle. I've spent far too much time fussing over my plants this year, but they have made me super happy. 

Placement Turned into Work 
The original plan for 2020 was to spend 22 weeks on placement and 23 weeks of theory at university, with 7 weeks of annual leave. Instead, we had 33 weeks on placement, 14 weeks of theory and all the same university assessments due. So we had essays to do on top of placements. Needless to say it was knackering - and I'm definitely a little burnt out. However, there have been some benefits to additional placements - we have had some incredible experiences, caring for women throughout a pandemic has been an honour. I also have been paid for my placement over summer, allowing me to become debt free and set money aside for a rainy day. 

Working Removes Social Isolation
Work also played a big role in saving my mental health. Being home alone is HARD. Typically I meet my social needs by coffee dates and spending time with friends - unfortunately far too much of this year has been socially isolating - therefore it's nice to see friends at work, getting to chat and catch up has been a saviour. I've found myself wanting to just to chat to women, chat to colleagues, it's made working all year a pleasure. 

Summer, Eat Out Help Out
I understand the negatives this scheme brought to the UK, but in all honesty August was my favourite month. I got to see people, we went on a staycation, we had meals with friends, alcohol with food and I felt this helped my Mental Health SO much. I've really struggled this year, and getting that month to just see family and friends was a complete blessing. I hope life will be looking like this again soon - I miss it. 

What were your favourite saviours of 2020? 
Let me know! 


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