January 2021: Favourites

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Lockdown 2.0, January 2021. 

All of my favourite things from this month. I remember discussing makeup and days out - long have these days passed - and now I sit at home in my comfies considering if I will ever fit back into my jeans. *YAY* So here are the things I have actually enjoyed this month - they may have a theme. (There will be a post up shortly about my reading in January!) 

Without a doubt the best purchase of 2021 so far. Sure it was pricy, especially as I have never used my original kindle (I hated it). But this one has paid itself off already. You also get 3 months free of Kindle Unlimited when you buy it! It's sleek, easy to use and the backlight makes reading a DREAM. 

2. Popsocket (On My Kindle) £6.99
GAME - CHANGER. I haven't dropped my kindle on my face since I put it on, and it makes reading in bed one handed SO much easier. Honestly - do it. Best thing. 

3. Kindle Unlimited (KU)  FREE TRIAL MONTH then £7.99 a month 
It's like a library - only instantly accessed. There are THOUSANDS of books on KU, you can download up to 10 at a time, and access on your kindle, phone, iPad etc. £7.99 and you can read as many as you can. Needless to say for me this month - I have gotten my moneys worth! 

4. Audible  FREE TRIAL MONTH then £7.99 a month
I've loved audible for a while now, but I've really gotten back into reading this month - and Audible is perfect for when you are driving or busy around the house. Headphones in - and you can escape to another world. (You can also get books for £2-£4 if you download the book on KU first (Top Tip!) 

5. Takeaways 
Coffee, Chinese, Indian, Pizza, hello FOOD. It seems to be the only treat left - a takeaway in front of the TV, or with a good book. I've had far too many this month, but maybe I'll be better next month? Maybe not. 

I've ran out of favourites... because Lockdown sucks - and reading 31 books in 31 days limits other enjoyments. Hopefully there will be more in February? Tell me what you have loved in 2021 so far. 


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