Juvia's Place: The Zulu Review + Swatches

Hello 2018, and back to normal posts! (I know, still with the Christmassy theme, which will end on Saturday) I thought I would share with you one of my newest palette additions to my collection. Meet The Zulu palette by Juvias Place. 

Juvias Place has been hyped for quite a while now on YouTube, first mentioned on Nikkie Tutorials, then it kicked off from there. I cannot speak for their shipping, but as they are now sold on Beauty Bay, I picked it up from them (During their 30% off too, Kaching!)

As you can see the palette is bright, so so bright. The brightest palette I own. But wow the pigment is beautiful. I love the mix of colours. The top row is yellow GOALS. I LOVE the yellow shade here, it's beautiful, and the perfect warm tone too. The orange and brown work beautifully alongside the yellow, and make the trio the perfect bright grunge looking eye, so so pretty. I would be lying if I said I bought the palette for anything other than the yellow, but the rest is well worth having alongside the other shades. 

The second row is the matte teal shade with a shimmer ocean blue and a shimmering green. I love using this row to give a boring eye a bit of colour under the lashline, it helps to be daring but without being as out there as you would expect. 

The Third and final trio is the pinky purple. The first shimmer pink is perfection over the lid either used alone or with the others, it comes across as a rose gold shade when used, lots of golden glitter included. The matte pink and purple are just SO pigmented, they blend really nicely and just perform so well. 

 Would you try out a bold eyeshadow palette like this one? Which row would be your first to try? Let me know in the comments below

You can purchase the Zulu Palette here for £20.00

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