Olympus Pen E-PL8 Review

I was really unsure whether or not to do a review on the E-PL8, simply because I am a tad camera clueless. I know how to point and shoot, and play around on the settings slightly, but I am no wiz when it comes to the specs or the tech, but I thought I would share with you my thoughts and first impressions, as most of us who are looking to by the E-PL8 maybe wouldn't have the best camera knowledge in the world, but may be looking to upgrade from their phone.

So first thing to note is all the funky features that made me want to buy it in the first place, and the things that I have loved since getting it. 

The Positives: 

  • The picture quality is incredible - yet totally flattering. Nothing worse than a HD image that just highlights facial hair and spots. lol 
  • You can change the lenses! This was a huge perk for me, being able to invest in a 45mm for those perfectly blurry photos really excites me, I cannot wait to invest in more. 
  • The built in WiFi, this just makes life so much easier, being able to get photos directly from my camera to my phone to be edited or put onto instagram is just perfect. It is super quick and easy to do - you can even use your phone as a view finder if you are videoing or taking photos. This would be ideal for filming or tripod use. 
  • The flip screen: simple vanity. I want to be able to see myself while taking a selfie ok?? lol 
  • The battery lasts for ages! All day taking photos at the wedding and it didn't even move to 50% battery. - the battery is rechargeable! 
  • The touch screen simply makes life easier for focusing (I use my nose for this a little too much lol) 
  • I love the blurry background options and how easy it is to adjust the brightness. It makes editing photos so much easier - and sometimes unnecessary! 
  • The straps are changeable and are long enough to wear cross body. This is so much easier if you are wearing it all day. 
  • It looks STUNNING. So old school looking, yet so modern and up to date. The perfect mix of old and new. 
  • It is pretty simple to use, yet the settings can be adjusted as you grow more confident. This is something I like, there is different settings but you can also flip into manual and decide for yourself.. which is fab! 
  • The size is perfect. The lens zooms out when on but while off it is really compact and fits into all my bags. 

of course with the positives there are also the negatives.

The Negatives: 

  • It is pretty heavy. Sure it feels expensive, but it can be pretty heavy to hold. I can picture this maybe becoming an issue if you use this for blogging. 
  • It is awkward to hold with the lens flipped down, see picture, not a total nightmare but pretty tricky, especially while trying to take the picture too!
  • The touch screen is pretty exposed - I think I may get a screen protector. 
  • The lens cover isn't attached. - so may be lost pretty easily. 
  • I have yet to master taking photos of moving objects. Any movement and its a blurry mess. I need to play around with the settings more. 
  • Sometimes in a up close shot, it won't take the picture. Constantly trying to adjust, even while in focus. But again I'm sure I can sort this in settings. 
  • As you can tell it takes ages to learn, and it doesn't make it easy. 
  • Removable flash. It's just a tad frustrating how clunky it is in comparison to the camera, I wish it was built in.
  • The price. The camera its self is pretty expensive, and the lenses and accessories are too, just an overall investment. 
  • Finding one in stock. This for me was an issue. I waited over a month for it to come back into stock which was frustrating, not the end of the world but definitely a hyped camera - so might be difficult to get a hold of. 

Overall for me the positives weigh out more than the negatives, so I am really happy with it, money well spent I would say! And my photos have definitely improved since changing over.

You can read more about them here.

Have you thought about an olympus Pen? Which camera do you use? Before this I used my iPhone 6S+ - but I now use and love this! 



  1. It does sound like an incredible camera and even the negatives haven't put me off x

  2. You photos are always amazing so I think the negatives definitely outweigh the positives! xx

  3. Such a good review! The long lasting battery sounds like the one x

  4. I really want to invest in a new camera but I'm totally clueless. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. I've heard everyone rave about it but I couldn't be happier with my Canon 750D x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  6. I've only recently bought a 'blogging on a go' mirrorless Canon and I couldn't be happier! I wanted Olympus for its looks tho! Great post x

  7. I loved reading this, I picked up the older E-pl7 and absolutely love it. The battery always amazes me.

    Kristy | www.thevioletblonde.com

  8. I've wanted the Olympus Pen since forever haha, but I'm annoyingly on a student budget but one day, I'll have to make it happen haha!


  9. I'm sure you are going to enjoy using this camera.

    Nina's Style Blog

  10. Great review. I've recently purchased the Epl7 after my EPl6 broke! :)


  11. This sounds like a brilliant camera, I need a good camera and this sounds perfect xxx

  12. I just treated myself to this and am yet to pick up at 45mm lens. Can't wait! X

  13. I'm so glad a blogger reviewed this! I don't think it does what I need it to but I am still tempted ha!

  14. I absolutely love mine!! It has completely changed my photo game and I would recommend it in an instant!

  15. I really wouldn't of thought this would be heavy, I hate it when a camera is heavy especially if you want to take it out for the day.

  16. I bought the EPL-7 maybe a year or so ago and it's a game changer for me! Plus the 45mm lenssssssssss is dreamy! Fab review and yes it's £££ x

  17. The photo quality is amazing! I'd love to have one of these cameras but I'm not the most knowledgable with camera tech :( x

  18. It sounds like a great camera, I have a big DSLR which is great but it's heavy to carry around all the time! Something a little more compact would be much easier to use!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  19. I love my Pen but still don't understand all of the settings!

    Gemma x | flutterandsparkle.com

  20. I have the e-pl7 and love it! Definitely think I need a screen protector too though! x

  21. Fab review - super helpful, thanks Erin! 😘😘

    Lindsay | www.lindsaydavison.co.uk


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