Travelling with AJ: Berlin 2017

I apologise in advance, this post is going to be SO picture heavy. But I wanted to be selfish and bombard you all with our best holiday snaps, so here they are! :) 

We stayed at the Novum Select Hotel right next to Checkpoint Charlie, we took the hop on hop off bus EVERYWHERE, (I highly recommend this, its fab) and we lost a hat, found a hat, explored, and I spent two days shouting "AJ come back" FUN! 

But seriously though, it was amazing. I am exhausted, but overall, it was so worth it. Travelling just the two of us was an experience, but one I would do again and again. If you want a post on exactly how that went let me know, but here is our snaps! Hope you enjoy :)

Have you been to Berlin before? What was your favourite part? Or would you like to go? Let me know in the comments below. 


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