December: Best Blog Posts

Welcome to the latest addition to my monthly roundup of posts. I thought it would be a good idea to share the posts that have really caught my attention this month - whether they are bigger blogs or smaller ones - it is all about the content. 

So here is the first instalment. The posts I have loved this month. If you want to know how you could be featured, check the final paragraph of this post! :) 


I am going to Berlin with AJ in less than a week now, we are SO excited. Vicky's post was so helpful, her pictures were beautiful, and I loved the advice around the bus especially. AJ has been hyped up about the open top bus since I told him - it was something I had totally forgotten about, and didn't even think to use it to get around. Really helpful post - and I highly recommend checking it out :)


Best Post Idea So Far. So good I really wish I had thought of it - Damn you Issy lol. Just flipping genius. I think I have read SO many gift guides now I am lost on what I need to buy - but this just added some humour and creativity into the topic, and had me squealing with laughter throughout. I wish I was doing a work secret Santa just to use some of these ideas! - oh and she did a part two too! 


Jasmine has been a blogger I have loved for years - so she is constantly influencing my purchases, most recently introducing me to Mario Badescu Skincare - which is incredible. I couldn't get it out of my mind after seeing her post, so when Beauty Bay did their Black Friday offer I snatched up a few bits from them and I have been loving using them. If you haven't read Jasmine's blog yet - I very highly recommend her. 


WearDaisyWent is a new blog find for me, I love her photography and her style, she focuses on high-quality photos and her blog is a dream to navigate. This post, in particular, was lovely to read - and perfect for a Sunday morning :) - go give her a follow and a quick read - I promise she will not disappoint :)


Vix is one blogger I can say I haven't always been in agreement with - but 9/10 her points are completely valid, and her posts are super interesting. This one was really interesting and well done, discussing influencers using real fur and our decisions affecting others - especially within the blogosphere - well worth a read! :) 


Now, onto the fun part. I have recently started a monthly newsletter for my blog. I have space within this to advertise other bloggers, so I thought I would use the posts I find for this post to include within my newsletter too. So, if you opt to sign up to my newsletter, you have the option to leave your blog URL, from there I will add you into my reading list - therefore your chances of being featured at some point, is pretty darn good! 

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I have loved finding new posts and new blogs to follow, who is your favourite blogger to read at the moment? Do you have a favourite? Let me know in the comments below.


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