First Impressions: Tropic*

Can we please take a moment to appreciate packaging. The packaging on this is BEAUTIFUL. To the point I cannot bin it, it is still sitting on my window despite my constant use of the items - but packaging aside, the products are beautiful too.

The main item that caught my eye was their WHIPPED BODY VELVET INTENSELY RICH BUTTERMELT (£28.00) it just sounded like heaven - and to be fair it 100% lived up to my expectations. The only way I have to describe it,  is to compare it to rubbing really high end expensive Madagascan vanilla ice cream onto your skin - but obviously not cold, sticky and disgusting. - the smell is just beautiful, so luxe and so warming. I found myself using this constantly to help my skin heal after my tattoo. It is long since healed and I still apply this constantly just to keep the smell and my skin feeling super soft. This is a product I would more than happily splash my cash on - well worth the price. Now that I have butchered explaining it here is Tropic description:

A fluffy, rich, creamy body butter that melts into the skin for long-lasting nourishment.Exotic Madagascan rarabe butter and baobab oil are rich in fatty acids
for your softest skin ever, Whisked with Tahitian and Bourbon vanilla extracts for a delicious, heavenly scent and Beta-carotene and vitamin E help to repair and protect against dry skin, perfect for winter weather

My unexpected hero is the SO SLEEPY PILLOW MIST (£20.00) Typically, I am a sleep on demand kind of girl, but recently I have been SO stressed with work and college, I am struggling to sleep now too. So this has been an absolute saviour the past few weeks. A quick spray onto my pillow is enough to send me into my typical sleepy self, de-stress and relax (well until my alarm goes off again)

This peaceful pillow mist is the ultimate bedtime luxury. A blend of seven calming, sleep-inducing essential oils, Alcohol-free formula that’s gentle on skin and Travel-friendly size to help you sleep while away from home

Fun Fact: The founder of Tropic appeared on the apprentice and got the big man Sir Alan Sugar's investment to start up tropic - how cool is that? :)

Overall, I have completely fallen in love with the products I have tried so far from Tropic, I love brands which focus on high-quality items - yet remain cruelty-free and vegan. I am definitely wanting to try some more bits from them now, especially their lip fudges and masks.

Have you tried anything from Tropic yet? Have you heard of the brand? Let me know in the comments below! 


*These items were sent to me for review, but has in no way altered my opinion on them, and all words are my own, unless stated otherwise (usually in quotes!) 

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