December Favourites 2017

December Favourites can often be swallowed up in the 2017 favourites, but these items still definitely  deserve a mention, so here they are. 

I am so in love with this palette. I refuse to use anything else at the moment, I cannot seem to stop using it now, the simplicity of the shades, and the stunning formula is just a complete match in heaven. (Thank You, Ben!) 

So good I bought it again, and now I am remembering why I picked it up, it is stunning - such an incredible formula, I love the finish, the coverage, and the blendability. All-round winner in my books :)

I go though weird phases of forgetting how much I completely loved this for so long. The shade is STUNNING. Very Mehr-ish, without the high price tag. Seventeen matte lipsticks are well worth trying out, I took this one to Berlin with me :) 

What is Christmas without sparkley nails?? They are a must this time of year! 

My new favourite high end candle, I hadn't even thought to try out the brand until Ben picked one up for me, but I am loving them, they are lovely - so good I went back and bought 3 more. Check out the post for more information :)

6. Berlin Full Post Here
I had the most incredible time in Berlin, AJ and I LOVED it. It was scary being away just the two of us, but wow was it worth it. Incredible! 

7. The Zara Scarf 
I would love to link this (But it went into the sale) and I don't have a photo 'cause its in the car. SMH, but trust me when I say its incredible and I love it. AJ says its a blanket not a scarf, either way i'm happy lol. 

8. Percy Pigs 
Me & Percy are just too good together. I love Veggie Percy's the most I think, although the Christmas Percy's have been flipping good too.... 

9. Love Actually 
Everyone has a favourite Christmas movie, and Love Actually is definitely my favourite one. I just love it, it gives me all the feels, I love Christmas when I watch this movie. 

Who can have a December Favourites without Loving Christmas? We got SNOW too! It was AWESOMEEEE. We built a snowman, he was fab! :) Magical Christmas without a doubt.

December has been amazing, what has been your Favourites from this month? What is your top Christmas Movie? Let me know in the comments below! :)


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