Janina Ultra White Teeth Whitening Range (AD)

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I think everyone is now obsessed with having pearly white teeth - myself included, but I hadn't really thought about doing something to whiten them yet. Sure I have used toothpaste boasting of having whitening properties, but its hard to actually see if it has been working. Needless to say I accepted the challenge from Janina, and I have been loving the process. 

My main concern for teeth whitening is always sensitivity, I have such a fear of ending up with super sensitive teeth - mainly because I do not want to live my life without ice cream. I can happily say my teeth are not sensitive at all after using all of these for 3-4 weeks - even after the 5 day intense treatment! 

The first product I started using was the Janina Ultrawhite Activated Charcoal Toothpaste 75ml (£11.50 £7.67) it took a good few days to get used to the black/grey appearance this has, especially when you are spitting it out (TMI I know) but as soon as you are used to that, it just tastes and works like a typical toothpaste. The minty taste is really nice, nothing different or out of the ordinary other than the colour and as this is an all natural product, I don't feel like I am rubbing any nasty chemicals on my teeth! :) 

Next up on try try list was the Janina charcoal and clay teeth whitening powder 40g (£13.00 £8.76) This was the product I was most anxious to try - simply because it is a powder. It really freaked me out thinking about it - but the reality was when using it - it really doesn't feel like a powder. You use a typical toothbrush to apply this for 1-2 minutes twice per day - and again the taste was really nice, it was just the colouring which was slightly terrifying - but well worth it. 

Last up was the most intense treatment: The Janina Ultrawhite Maxiwhite Professional Teeth Whitening Pre-filled Trays 10s (£30.00 £20.00) This is a 5 day intense treatment to help to whiten your teeth. This I used within the past week - and I have loved the results. This to me is 100% worth the cost, as my teeth are visibly whiter since using it - and not in any way sensitive after using it too - which was my biggest concern. 

Overall, I have loved using this range, and I am really impressed with the results after 3 weeks of using the products, this would be something I would highly recommend - especially now - 3 weeks to Christmas. Start now and you can have pearly whites for all your Christmas photos! :) 

Oh and they are on offer at boots right now too!

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Have you whitened your teeth before? Where you happy with the results? Let me know in the comments below! :)

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