June's Empties

This month I was convinced I had loads of empties, but when I looked at my little empy stash there was less than usual, oh well, here goes!

1. Original Source Skin Quench Pineapple and Coconut Oil (£1.35 Boots) - I love this! So much that it was featured in my latest favourites which you can view here

2. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water  (£2.79 Boots) - Micellar Water should be a staple in every girls routine, not only does it leave your skin smooth and clean, its cheap and lasts forever. Love it!

3. Batiste Dry Shampoo Tropical Coconut Exotic (£2.99 Boots) - I swear I go through one of these almost once a month.. need I say more?

4. Mitchum Advanced Women Powder Fresh (£2.00 Boots) - I love this stuff.. I didnt think I would ever say that about a Deodorant , i'm normally quite unbiased over them, all do the same thing but with different smells.. but this one just over preforms. It's amazing. Go buy it!

5. Bourjois Healthy Balance Compact Powder (£8.99 Boots) - I used this until there was a rim of product left round the edges, it then smashed in my make up bag because it was so thin, brilliant product. Now wishing I had repurchased this, so will be getting again once my Rimmel Stay Matte is used up!

6. OSKIA Renaissance Mask (£48.50 Full Size - SpaceNK) - Beautiful product and smells incredible. really unsure I would pay the £48.50 though... think ill stick to my Lush Masks!  

7. ChapStick Apple Lip Balm  (£1.50 Amazon) - I put this one in just for pure shock reasons, my other half actually managed to finish a lip balm, I dont think I have ever done this, but he seems to find this normal? Do people do this without loosing them? Or am I the only one?

8. Yankee Candle "Icicles"  (£16.99 Yankee) - Yes, Yes, Yes I know its June... but who gives a hoot when it comes to cheap candles, I burn them constantly and get through them quicker than I like to admit, so burning a christmas scent in June really doesnt bother me lol

9. Cherrywood and Cassis Candle (£5.99 TKMaxx) - Yet another TKMaxx bargin. This one was like a woodwick candle, flickers and crackles. A very masculine scent. Lovely. Totally recommend TKMaxx for a candle fix, they burn beautifully for cheap candle prices!

Thanks for stopping by. What products have you all used up this month? anything exciting? Let me know in the comment section below. Thank You!

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