June's Wish List

The Wish List :)

Before I go into this month's wish list, I thought I would do something a bit different (and something I wish more bloggers would do sometimes) and tell you if I have actually gone ahead and purchased the items. You can view last month's post here
1. The MAC Time 9 palette - I was all for grabbing this one, but I was near enough crying at the size of it. You can see my blog post on this here.
2. Lush D'Fluff - Purchased. (review coming soon)
3. MAC bright lipstick - Purchased. Morange in Limited Edition Wash&Dry.
4. Chanel Blush - Still in the Wish List, but damn expensive.
5. The Bodyshop Banana Shampoo&Conditioner - Still in the wish list, but not needing them quite yet. Will purchase when I am almost finished the current one.
6. DKNY Perfume - I must admit I still want this in my life... just haven't had a chance to grab it yet... soon! 

June's Wish List

1. Make Up Revolution Highlighter Palette (£8.00 Superdrug) - I really would love a non glittery highlight to play with, and these seem like a good option. Enough colours to find out which one will suit, and a good price to match! This is also meant to be an excellent doupe for the Ambient Lighting palette by Hourglass (which is £56!) A good step before I splash the cash on something high end.

2. Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush (£30.00 Debenhams) - ok, so the thought of spending an epic £30 on a brush makes me cry a little, but for the past year I have been watching Lily & Anna rave completely about it, and as my Real Technique's buffing brush loosing its shape I think this would be a good replacement... and wont disappoint (hopefully!)

3. Vans Classic Slip On, Mono Black Leather (£29.99 was £54.99 Office) - Ok so I may be cheating a little here, because I have technically already purchased them, but seriously I have wanted these since October last year. The minute I seen them in the sale they were in my shopping basket and the payment was processed, just impatiently waiting on them arriving. Yes Yodel man, hurry the hell up. lol

Topshop Glow Pot (£9.00 Topshop) - I dont own anything from the topshop beauty line yet, its just never somewhere I think "makeup" but I have been told amazing things about this little pot. Also it has been marked with its pretty Limited Edition rose gold packaging for being a top seller, I cant think of a better reason not to pick this up!

Zara Necklace with Paisley Shapes (£19.99 Zara) - Those of you who follow me on Instagram , know that usually I am rocking a pretty huge necklace. Last year I splashed out during the Zara sale and picked one up, and they are the most amazing quality. They are heavy, so feel expensive, they are well made and absolutely beautiful. I spotted this one in store a few weeks ago, and I think I may just need to buy it.

Lush Fresh Face Mask In "brazened honey" (£6.50 Lush) - Last up is a product I go for on a regular basis, I just love the Lush Fresh Face Masks, but I haven't had a chance yet to try the Honey one... this one is next on my list!

Let me know which items you are wishing for this month, and do you like the update? or will I skip? have you tried any of the products I have mentioned? Thank you for stopping by, I really do appreciate any comments you do leave for me, or just simply viewing the page, it means a lot, so thank you :)

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