June's Favourites

This time is always my favourite part of the month, reading other people's monthly favourites and deciding what is next on my wish list!

1. The Zara Shirt (£29.99 Zara) - I love this shirt, but ironing it is a total beeatch. It creases like crazy.. but still, I love you Zara shirt, you are comfy yet flattering, what more can a girl ask for? It really just seems to suit any occasion, so it's definitely a staple this season. 

2. Triangles (£2 Primark) - Primark is always a winner for cheaper more affordable jewelery, yeah it wont last forever but it will be perfect for just now. I have been obsessed with this one since I got it at the start of the month, simple yet compliments any outfit beautifully.

3. The Leather Vans (£29.99 Office) - I haven't had these off my feet all month, so they just had to be in here. They are ridiculously comfortable, if anyone doesn't have a pair of vans, go get yourself some, I promise you won't regret it! 

4. The 201 Real Techniques Eye Shadow Brush (£12.00 Boots) - the perfect alrounder eye brush, I can use this for doing a full eye look, which means it's ideal for travelling. If you are thinking of investing in a bold metals collection brush, this would be the one I would go for - then if you love this one, pick up the rest. 

5. Nail's Inc Lexington Gardens (£3.99 TKMaxx) - I grabbed this in a LoveMeBeauty box, but I have seen them a couple of times now in TK Maxx now, I just love this colour, it's totally me, so summery yet not pale and off putting, it's beautiful 

6. MAC Studio Fix Foundation in NC15 (£21.50) - When I first started using this I hated it, it smelled and looked like paint, it was just too much.. But with the right buffing brush it is completely changed into my favourite. It leaves a completely flawless finish, and will last the full day. Very impressed with this, and couldn't recommend more (even if it does smell a bit painty!) 

7. MAC Blush Blushbaby (£18.00) - I went into Mac looking for something subtle that I could wear when I had gone a bit bonkers with my contour, and this is perfect for the job, very natural for me, like my cheeks but better? 

8. No.7 Highlight   (£9.95 Boots) - I had completely forgotten I owned this, so when I rediscovered it I was amazed by its creamy texture and ease of use, just apply then blend in with fingers, perfect for lazy days. Worth picking up if you can't handle the fuss of the topshop one, same colour but no nails covered in product, which is always a winner for me! 

9. Mangos (99p Tesco) - every year I become obsessed with mangos around this time, they just scream summer time and taste amazing.

10. Frozen Grapes (£1.50 Tesco) - I'm addicted to frozen grapes, they are just brilliant, stick a bag in the freezer for a few hours and done, they are better than any low cal option for ice cream, not to mention a hell of a lot healthier too. Next time you are in need of a sweet fix try these out, I promise the won't disappoint! 

What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comment section below :) 

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