Mac: My Latest Edition

There is no words for how absolutely beautiful this is. I am so in love, completely.
MAC describe this as a "Beauty Powder" I would describe it as a highlighter/blush, its definitely a duel product, and im obsessed.

It is definitely very pink in the pan, but you can see the shimmer from the swatch, and I can promise this shimmer will last all day on the cheeks, and not too OTT, perfect for paler skin.

Worth grabbing from your nearest MAC counter - as it is limited edition, part of their "MAC is Beauty" collection. (seriously wishing it had beautiful packaging to go with though.)
Can view this here. for £20.50


  1. This looks gorgeous! Everything from the MAC is Beauty collection looked absolutely lovely!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  2. totally agree, such a lovely collection, thanks for stopping by :)


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