Life Without A Bath (AD)

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Hi, My Name Is Erin, And I Do Not Own A Bath

Sometimes I find myself looking through websites at all the Bath Accessories I am missing out on, all those bath bombs, fancy oils and soaks. Dreaming of a time where I can live somewhere with the space for a bath. The whole idea of lying soaking in a hot bath just seems so odd to me now, as I have been bathless for over 10 years. 

One of the most shocking conversations I tend to have in the beauty community is my lack of bath. I've had people outright gasp when I say it. But typically everyone reacts with two questions. 

1. HOW DO YOU WASH. This one is automatic, word vomit. Because obviously (I hope) after a few more seconds of thought you realise I have a shower unit. Still clean, just standing. 

2. BUT HOW DO YOU RELAX. This one is harder to answer... drinking wine and reading a book in the shower really isn't as fun as it is in the bath - in fact, I probably wouldn't recommend it. But relaxing is still possible, just not as straightforward is lying in the tub with a bath bomb. 

Life is not lost without a bath - the majority of products can still be used. My favourite bathroom accessories have to be big fluffy dressing gowns, candles, body conditioners and luxe shower creams. I LOVE my Eve Towels that I reviewed here. They are so thick and fluffy. They make lying about on my phone after a shower feel like a joy in itself.

Sleep sprays and scents like this post  are always a good option too. I love a beautiful candle for when I get out too, there is something so relaxing about lighting a candle when you are cosy. Lavender is my go-to for when I am relaxing, there is something so soothing about the scent. 

For more indulgent body care products there are SO many options. Cowshed have some amazing products - the names alone make me giggle. There is a special vibe when you use a more expensive shower gel or moisturiser. The scent is often richer and more complex, the scent will also last far longer. 

What products do you love to use in the shower? Do you have a favourite? Let me know in the comments. 


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