11 Years With Tesco

After 11 years. Today is my last day with Tesco. 

Recently the trend on twitter has been "first seven jobs". Everyone has been sharing their progression from their first, school age job to where they are now, and it has been SO inspiring.... but with the timing, it has had me really considering my career up until this point, what has been my progression...

I am currently 27 years old, and this year will mark my eleventh year working for Tesco. 16 year old me got a part time job working in the Tesco PFS while I was still at school. Then 17 year old me got a transfer to the Customer Service Centre - and I have been there since, 10 years. 10 years on Back shift.

I have been there through it all, the good, the bad. I have watched Grocery Home Shopping grow and expand bigger than I ever thought possible. I have seen Direct at the peak and supported it's closure. I have sent thousands of Clubcards. Refunded thousands of broken eggs. Sent thousands of emails. Survived a whopping 10 peaks and 10 turkey briefs (Tesco lingo for Christmas). Searched for thousands of Hatchimals, LOL dolls, PS4s, Fifa Games. I have reunited thousands of bank cards with their owners, and a good couple of hundred teddy bears and blankets to their upset child owners - and equally concerned parents. I have laughed and cried with staff and customers. I have dealt with every situation imaginable when it comes to Tesco Customer Service. In excess of 100,000 calls, that's 100,000 customers I've spoken to. Helped.

I would love to say everything has always been positive. Working in Customer Services really does showcase both the best and the worst of humanity, but it has given me so much more of an understanding of who I want to be - and how I want to treat people. 

I owe Tesco more than I can even write. Tesco held me up through University the first time, Tesco held me when I decided my course wasn't for me, it gave me purpose. Tesco supported me through my Pregnancy. Tesco supported a twenty year old single Mum help raise her little boy in the best way she knew how. Tesco supported me when I decided to go back into learning. Tesco supported me through two years of college. Tesco supported me through University interviews, exams, stress, studying. Tesco support me now when I am deciding to walk through the doors one last time and not come back. In my whole adult life, Tesco has been the consistent source of support to me and my son. It has been reliable. 

In a way, it kills me to leave. It is everything I have known - a comfort. All the knowledge I have picked up over the years on processes, work arounds - lost. No longer needed. Plus, how am I going to survive without my privilege card?? I've never not had one... haha. But mostly, I will miss the people. I have had the pleasure of meeting the most incredible people there, I have made friends I will keep forever. Watched people go from being single to married with kids, watched people turn into professional managers from sleepy students. Everyone from the beginning, where I was the baby, the Bug, to now - where I am meeting the newbies and telling them to be careful and look after themselves. The people are why we all stay, how we remain sane, why we laugh. 

But the time has come to go, and I did a full post on Why I'm Leaving HERE. But to sum it up, I no longer need to work, and I want to focus everything I have on Midwifery, my son, improving myself. So yeah, this was a farewell post, outside the norm on here. But after 11 years - I thought it deserved it.

August 2007 - October 2018

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