Student Midwifery Diaries #1

Month 1: September 2018 

I think the first month of anything is always completely overwhelming. Not only are you having to adjust to a new routine, you are adjusting to new surroundings, classes, people, commutes, learning and sleep schedules. So - I'm like a zombie walking currently. 

I feel like the first week didn't count. We were getting briefed about the fire alarms, emergency exits, the online portal. We heard from the head of departments and occupational health. All the necessary evils before getting started properly. Highlight had to be playing dress up at the uniform fittings. Now that was a giggle. 

The first week of teaching was a game changer. I have spent my whole life being taught by trained teachers. People who are enthusiastic about teaching, people who focus on the teaching side more than the subject, have a career from that. At university the lecturers are trained professionals in the field, have done the role for years, and are back studying more, or there to share their wisdom (and yes that is different). What that means in reality, is that in each class the lecturer is SO enthusiastic about the topic. Shouting VAGINA at the top of their lungs because they are that excited to talk about it. Using real life examples of situations and births they have been in, applying their understanding of the experiences they have had and sharing with us. Now that - is inspiring. 

The topics within the classes are flipping awesome too. SO good to see how the information we are learning applies to the role and how we are going to need it and use it in practice. Everything from self care, midwifery history, health, reproductive systems, cardiovascular systems. It has been a lot of information, but it's interesting - has you questioning it or thinking about it long after classes have ended. That is what is exciting me now, to feel that inspired by knowledge - making me want to go learn more, understand more. 

RGU itself is incredible. The campus is beautiful, the views from the library especially. The Midwifery team are some of the most incredible women - but SO nice and approachable at the same time. Aaaaand I got my Parking Permit (at last) so my 65 mile commute is somehow less daunting now. 

Did you Know? 

Blood volume during pregnancy increases by 30-50%. That's up to 7.5 litres being pumped around your body by your heart, which has had to grow and twist to accommodate the new demands and size.

The average clitoris is a whopping 9cm big. And like your ears, it doesn't stop growing. The majority of it is hidden, but it is there. This was only mapped out in 1998 (talk about female opression). All of a sudden boys not being able to find it is pretty shocking huh? 

So this was a short catch up, with only two weeks of learning. But so far so good. It's incredible. 

Hope you have enjoyed something a little different from me, and hopefully this will be a welcomed addition to my blog! :)  


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