Pixi Multi-Toning Perfection* #PixiPerfect*

The ever loved Glow Tonic now has two sisters. 

I don't know a blogger who doesn't love the Pixi Glow Tonic. Forever set in cult status now, forever loved. It is now a staple in my skincare stash and one I cannot see being pushed from that top spot anytime soon. I love it. (I did a full post on it here) 

Pixi have now added a further two Tonics to their line up, looking to include everyone within their offering, or give us skincare addits even more to obsess over. 

The Rose Tonic is the one for sensitive skin. It can gently remove impurities and hydrates the skin while minimising redness and balance pH. I love this in the morning. It just helps to freshen up the skin and correct anything not so pretty going on. This is the gentle approach, so ideal for beginners or those with more sensitive skin. 

The Retinol Tonic is the kick ass older sister to the Glow Tonic, who simply does not want to show any sign of aging at all. The Retinol tonice is powerful, designed to smooth skin for a softer appearance. This has been designed with sensitive skin in mind yet is capable of minimising aging affects. I have been loving using this alongside my skincare routine, it is SO nice! I have definitely noticed my skin feeling clearer and fresher since starting to use this. my skin just feels better, firmer and in overall better condition.

My overall concern with the trio was being able to use them all together, can you use a retinol alongside a glycolic? Turns out yes is the answer there! This trio has been designed by pixi to compliment each other beautifully. You can use them all together to get the best benefits from your routine. 

Have you tried the new additions yet? Which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below! 


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