Pixi Beauty: MatteLast Liquid Lipstick + Swatches*

The shades are STUNNING. So beautiful...

Sometimes creativity can be overwhelming, especially around content, photos, ideas. If I went with all the ideas I wanted to do for this post you would be here ALL day reading it. So I decided to break it down into two posts, this being the first one. A look at all the shades, my thoughts on the overall formula, and a shot at making my own shade. 

The reasoning for why there will be a follow up post is that I cannot possibly lip swatch them all, my lips will bleed. Without a doubt. I also LOVE a nude shade, and well - there is lots of nudes. So I still haven't decided on which ones are my favourites... so there will be a post over the next few weeks showcasing the ones I have used the most since the full collection has arrived. So there will be no spoilers today, sorry (Not that there will be any huge surprises there..) 

The formula is definitely non-drying. My lips don't ever feel abused after using these - which is always a good thing considering they are liquid lipsticks. The contain rosehip oil, which claims to create the non-drying effect, which I am loving. The formula is thin, applies well then dries down relatively quickly to be non-moving - the best results with liquid lipsticks. 

Au Naturelle is the warmest nude on offer, really warm, really beautiful. 

Bare Beauty is what I consider a true nude. 

Matte Beige is the Velvet Teddy like shade. This will flatter most skintones. 

Pastel Petal is the darker nude, the Whirl to the collection. This is warmer in tone though, which I find more flattering. 

Really Rose is beautiful. Think your lips but matte and beautiful. 

Evening Rose is the combo of nude and pink having a beautiful not bold but bold shade. 

Peony Pink is that cool toned purpley pink shade - surprisingly flattering. 

Prettiest Pink is the ultimate barbie pink shade. 

Orange Red is almost Neon. think BOLD. Brave. 

Real Red is my classic red shade, postbox red, so easy to dress up and dress down. 

Berry Boost is the best for this time of year. Who doesn't love this shade for Autumn? Dark, stunning. 

Pixi also included a set to create your own perfect lip shade, and WOW was that good fun. I went for a deep nudey pinky mauve shade which is just beautiful. I love how it turned out - there will be swatches of that one on the next post too ;)

These will all be sent away and have the potential to have a lipstick created from it, how cool is that? :) I am LOVING the concept! :)

Overall, I have loved using these, and cannot wait to wear them more over the next few weeks and see which shades will end up in my *must haves* 

Have you tried these yet? Which shades speak to you? Let me know :)


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