November Favourites 2018

So long November, you will be missed. 

AAAAAAH ITS CHRISTMASSSSSS. Okay, Erin, just breath, it'll be okay. It's only Christmas. *squeeeeals*. I love Christmas time - it's just so exciting. But here has been my favourite products from this month - the best of the best. 

The best red lipstick you could own, without a doubt. Jeffree Star slays the liquid lipstick game, his formula is amazing, and the pigment is beautiful. Highly recommend this if you need a true red. 

I am so obsessed with this as an eyeshadow. The Beauty News girls have been talking about stylishly merry from MAC's Christmas collection last year - for the whole of 2018. This is a perfect dupe for this, so I grabbed it while I had the chance! SO stunning. 

To me, Love me. For my birthday. I know how to treat myself, and I'm so glad I went for this - it is perfection, so so nice, and I have loved using it the past month! 

The perfect autumnal shade. A burnt orange-red shade which is autumn to a tee. I have had this on for the majority of the month. 

5. Party Lite Gingerbread House Burner 
How CUTE is this! My mum got me it for my birthday after me drooling over it all last year - she managed to pick it up in the sale, so I was SO happy with it - so cute! 

6. Advent Calendars (Look Fantastic now £59.00) Full Post Here
You may have missed this post, but I made my own advent calendar which I am SO excited to open tomorrow. I also splashed out and got myself the Look Fantastic one, which I think is going to be really good. 

7. SNAG tights £6.99 
I saw these on Instagram and LOVED the concept. They are making tights which actually FIT. They do sizes and lengths, different colours and finishes. They also are really affordable and good quality too - I love it. 

I don't think Midwifery will ever not be on here. And this month we got our placements through on where we are going and when, I cannot wait to get out and about. See theory in practice. I'm beyond excited. 

9. Fresh Off The Boat
Anything that Ali Wong helped to write I am happy to check out - and wow am I glad I did. It is awesome. I love Jessica, Evan. SO funny. Really worth checking out if you need a new TV show to watch which is really easy viewing - and it's on prime! 

10. Christmas Theme
Who doesn't love a Christmas theme on Instagram? I am SO happy with mine again this year, it just feels so festive and lovely. You'll see the pictures on here being more festive too - all the Christmassy feels! :) 

Which products have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments! 


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