The Best Lip Care

The dry weather is WRECKING my lips. 

I have been what most would consider as "lip blessed" AKA, my lips are huge on my face. The majority of the time I am very happy to have loads of lip space to smear loads of lipstick onto them, but dealing with crusty lips is definitely a disadvantage. 

Over the past few years I have tried and tested pretty much every lip product going. I like to take good care of my lips, I abuse them enough with product that it would be cruel not to. Plus no one likes applying lipstick onto crusty sore lips - it is never good. 


The first thing I always recommend is choosing a cleanser to remove your lipstick gently. I think some people forget that a lot of damage to your lips can be caused by lipsticks which dry out your lips, or using abrasive cleanser or wipes *eeeeeek* to remove long lasting lipsticks. The more you have to rub your lips, the worse condition they are going to be in. 

I highly recommend using an oil based or balm cleanser to remove makeup, it just seems to preform better than the rest - and especially when it comes to liquid lipsticks. one swipe of a good oil cleanser and liquid lipstick vanishes from your lips - leaving a joker like look to remove gently with a cloth. My personal favourites for removing lipstick has to be the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil* (£24.00) or the Superfacialist Vitamin C Cleanser* (£10.99) - both an oil, and both will remove effortlessly, moisturising in the process. 


I then apply a good, conditioning lip treatment for overnight. NO PETROLEUM. I cannot stress that part enough for this bit. You need to use one with full on conditioning properties. Think the Caudalie Lip Conditioner (£5.50) or the Clinique Pep-Start Lip Mask (£16.00). You want one with ingredients which will be absorbed, used, and benefit your lips in a non-barrier way. 


In the morning one of my favourite things to do is to apply a Lip Scrub. I consider it pre-breakfast. I keep a tub in the shower and use it every morning. Pick a good scent so you will look forward to using it. This just removes the dead skin gently, and daily use stops the build up of crusty bits ruining your lipstick. Cannot recommend enough adding this into your morning routine, you will see a difference so quickly. My favourites are the Jeffree Star Lip Scrubs (£12.00), or the Lush Lip Scrubs (£6.50). 


This is where balms containing petroleum comes into use. Once your lips are in good condition, the last thing you want to do with them is go out in cold weather, dry them out and crack them. Balms such as the Glossier Balm Dot Com (£10.00) are perfect for this. They simply act as a barrier between your lips and the weather - perfect. 

The Fresh Lip Treatment (£18.55) is my top choice for tinted balms. Some days I am wearing really minimal makeup - or none at all, and I want something a bit extra. This one is so cute on. Cannot recommend these enough. 

How do you take care of your lips? What is your favourite product? Let me know! 


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