Be Back Soon :)

Hey! Thanks for stopping by.

We are currently "sunning it up" (ha more like getting rained on) in Haven's Craig Tara caravan park.

So I have swapped work, blogging and boredom with a 5 day stay in a caravan with my family.

So think of me in Scotland, probably freezing my butt off in a caravan at the end of September. AJ will be hyper of slush puppies, dancing away to god awful disco sung by the "Funstars" and Rory the Lion (who is actually a tiger) and all his other terrifying friends. My hair will be ruined by the daily swimming and i'm sure I will be a good stone heavier thanks to the Papa Johns my other half is planning. Needless to say we will be having a fantastic time :)

Make sure you check back on Thursday for my Monthly Favourites which have been scheduled.

In the meantime check out my latest blogposts... you can search on the right, or just by scrolling down.

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