Product Review: Dr Bronners Magic Soap

By now we should all know that washing your brushes is one essential you shouldn't miss.. even if it does bore you senseless. Washing your brushes regularly will keep away those pesky spots, keep your makeup looking fresh and maintain the quality of your brushes. No brainer really.

Typically I would use an antibacterial no scent hand soap to wash mine. But after seeing various blog posts about how amazing this soap is... I thought it was worth picking up - especially as it was on offer in my local TK Maxx.

Needless to say it didn't disappoint. This stuff is magic. It has an oily texture but then builds into bubbles when its worked into your brushes. It removes the makeup quicker than I have ever seen before, leaving white brushes like new, and smelling fab too.

It even managed to get Benefit Erase paste out of a smaller brush which I haven't been able to do properly up until now. This stuff is a holy grail product, go get your some now - I promise it's worth it - and your brushes will thank you.

Pick yours up here starting at £1.99.
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