A Mini Takeover

It's really hard not to go with ease when mini's come into the picture. The dread of "nothing under 100ml" is often too much to take and everyone will run out to grab super cute (but super expensive) minitures.
Although I am not going on a plane this holiday a good few of my skincare items come in leaky packaging (yes i'm talking to you una brennan - you're lucky your oil is so amazing) So I will usually opt for mini's... but this post will attempt to teach you how to use mini's in efficient ways.
first up is an easy one. Samples. I picked up some Estee Lauder bits today and with it I was given a "gift" of their best sellers, perfect timing. So I will be trying out their DayWear & Night Repair on holiday, its always fun trying new things.. (just make sure you patch test first)
Next up was a body lotion I hadn't used in months because its top was broken, I rehomed this and now its got a working top, win win.
For things like my Oskia, eyecream, primer and sometimes even my foundation I grab these little pots. Super handy, small and wont take up much room.
I will always have a few "travel sizes" normally picked up on offer. This time its two Aussie and thee cutest little micellar water. Yeah sometimes I cave into the cuteness too.
AJ's cherry shampoo and my Original source showergel is in old shampoo and conditioner mini bottles. Reused - check me recycling.

This is where things get crazy. Go on, its ok to call me nuts. The thing is we are away on a Haven holiday - Caravan. Self catering. We are getting pretty darn good at money saving on these trips, its so easy to overspend, so this time I am super organised.
Usually we get there realise we are missing all the basics then have to spend £10 on bits we have at home then end up with way too much and have to either throw away the excess or take it home and have doubles - stressful. So say hello to a full range of mini kitchen essentials.

Yup I even bring Teabags, sweetner, butter and usually jam too. These little pouches are fab for just keeping random bits in. How organised am I? Ok yeah I'm crazy.

But at £1 for 3 minis, a little tub and a pouch you really cant complain (and you can wash them out and use again). Where else can you get everything you would need for £3? Bargain I think.

Whats your thoughts? Do you splash out on mini's? or prefer to bring from home? Let me know in the comments below - and its alright to call me totally crazy if you want too :)

(ps. Sorry about the rubbish picks, I need to get some more backgrounds for standing up things)

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