Face Of the Day: No Foundation

Recently in an attempt to combat my spots I have been trying to use zero coverage. No primer, no BB, no CC, no foundation, just my face. 

At first it was terrifying. I'm so used to having a high coverage foundation on to completely even out and cover my skin tone, so going from that to nothing was a shocker. 

As my spots then began to clear I really did start appreciating and liking my face without anything. I could blow my nose with a cold, if it's hot I don't need to worry about it melting off my face, the perks really are fab. But it's not easy. 

Confidence to just go for it is the biggest hurdle, then you face things like do you cover your dark circles? - Yes was the answer for me. I needed something to make me feel more alive. But all those pesky marks on my nose, discolouration around my mouth... it takes a while to accept that really you are the only one that sees them. Trust me, let go for a day and just accept they are there.
If I was feeling fancy I would bronze and highlight.... I would never contour without foundation, but bronzing just gave my skin more life, sunkissed, and highlighting just makes me feel like a princess (always).
I also found that those cream blush I had but never used were beautiful with no foundation, they blended in perfectly just with my fingers, blending into my face rather than leaving me cake faced or clown like.
For eyes I wouldn't go all out. Just a wash of colour and some mascara.. this is meant to be simple and easy... using eyeliner and shading complicates things, and this look isn't about complicated.
To finish up it has to be a gloss finish, no lipstick required. I usually opt for one of these stick colours. Mainly due to my hatred of all things sticky, blech lipgloss!
What is your thoughts on no foundation? have you dared to try it? Let me know in the comments below :)

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