My Bedroom Tour

I've been saying for ages now I will show you my room tour, so this is it.

I have spent what feels like forever changing this room around. I have gotten rid of so so much, and what is left is a minimalistic, organised space - which I completely love.

The room started off as a brown colour, and looked as if a bomb had hit it. I hated the storage, I hated the room, it was neglected and unloved.

With my other half wanting to move in - it gave me that push just to have a huge clearout, with that I moved my television away into the cupboard, leaving my room looking huge. Next thing I knew I was in homebase buying some white paint and grabbing some bargains from the Next sale. Sorted.

The first hurdle was the worse. White Paint. I swear this stuff is the devil. It's so easy to paint a room brown, red... basically any colour other than white. But if you want it white again be prepared to paint a room 3-4 times, and painting white is a killer, you have no idea where you have painted once the room has had 2 coats, so its blindly hoping you are getting the bits you need to - because once its wet it all looks the same!

But I do love the results.

Since my boyfriend is moving in, I decided to go for blue... but typical me it ended up being flowery blue... its far from masculine, but its better than pink right? Ha I doubt he agrees with my logic!

I made sure everything I was putting into the room I loved. I spent ages deciding on my bedding and matching curtains. I picked these ones up from the Next Sale in July, half price. I have two matching duvet (one with a stripy back and the other with spots) and the identical curtains. I also picked up the cushion from the same range - which is very annoyingly cream (why next why??!)

Next is always a winner for furnishings, its always my favourite go to store. If I won the lottery, my full house would be like a next showroom. The quality is beautiful, and their customer service, delivery and payment is fantastic.

The blue cushions I picked up from Tesco Direct during their Summer Boost with Clubcard, standard knitted cushions, which just go perfectly with the bedding.

For practical space my PC now sits on my window sill, I dream of a day when I have an Apple Mac, but right now my acer just has to do.

I opted to finally own a plant, a money tree which so far I have managed to keep alive (go me!) Mainly just so I could own some of those stunning white pots, they are fab, and completely inexpensive from homebase, I have a few for pens and one for my makeup brushes :)

Candles are always a must - it is me afterall - so right now I am burning an Aloe Water Yankee - which is incredible.

Last up was just some finishing touches. I couldnt decide what to do with this counter. It used to be the place I would just dump anything and everything, so it needed something just to stop me from abusing it.

I found this vase from Next home, it was perfect, matched beautifully. It often has real flowers in it, but today we will settle for these fake ones I pickec up at the Range.

For the final touch I decided the room wasn't quite girly enough, so I just had to have the next rose flower white fairy lights. Iain wasn't impressed, but I think they look fab!

What a bad girlfriend I am, but hey, he loves me - and at least our room is now clean and beautiful.

What do you think? is your room cluttered? Do you love your space? Let me know in the comments below!

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