October's Empties

Day hello to this month's empties. I really do love doing a monthly empties,
Something's you feel you use loads of but they take forever to use up (can almost justify high end skincare now lol) 

1. Daisy Dream Mousturiser (£25.00) - I got this with the perfume, wasn't in love with the formula, I felt as if I was way too greasy, but it did the job, but for £25 a product should be better than that!

2. Mitchum Deoderant in Shower Fresh (£2.00) - best scent, best Deoderant. Amazing stuff! (Repurchased) 

3. Dove mini - this has been in my handbag for ages, thanks to the Mitchum I haven't needed to use it - but I still do love the scent :) 

3. Lush's Cupcake (£6.75) - read full review here :) 

4. Batiste Dry Shampoo (£2.99) - love this stuff... Where would I be without it? Probably washing my hair more.. And who has time for that? Lol (Repurchased) 

5. Original Source Cherry (£1.00-£2.30) - I thought I would completly fall in love with this one but the scent was rubbish, almost non existent... But don't worry OS, I still love you - especially in mango (which I repurchased) 

6. Urban Decay Perversion (£8.00) - I really liked this mini, and as it was from my on the run palette I am totally gutted its finished - so will need to pick up a new one :) 

7. Loreal True Match (£9.99) - I loved this stuff, but this shade just isn't me, and it's old - so it has to go. Looking forward to trying out their new formulation though - it's meant to be even better :) 

8. The candles - ok ok this month I really did think I had cut down on the candle use, I was convinced I had done better... Oh well! I love them. On another note. square candles are evil, they never burn correctly - don't buy them lol.

There will be posts coming soon about my candle use and top tips for cheaper options. Let me know if there is anything you would like me to tell you :) 

Which things have you used up this month? Anything you are loving? Let me know in the comments below :) 

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