Holiday Saviours

I was away on a Haven Holiday last week. Amazing fun, we had such a blast. Was so lovely to get away with my family and just enjoy the time together.
With packing I always worry I will pack too much, then end up underpacking - missing things then having to go out and grab the basics - but with the cosmetics I had everything I needed for once.. (apart from suncream.. But sunny at the end of September in Scotland? no one was expecting that!) Anyway here are the bits that stood out for me.
First up was always going to be my new MAC Brooke Shields Palette you can see me obsessing over this here, its worth obsessing over. It's beautiful. It gave me various completely different looks for the full week, I didn't get bored or repeat myself. LOVE IT! :)

Next had to be all hair care. Haven means a few things to my son, mainly Funstars and a certain Tiger - but during the day its all about the swimming pool.
As someone who only washes her hair 1-2 times a week my hair not only had to be washed 4 times, it also was subjected to a ton of chlorine, tied up wet, blowdried and straightened each time - poor hair.
I must say the Aussie Shampoo & Conditioner was the perfect pair to combat this. They smelled incredible and just made my hair easier to manage - tie up and leave the pool. When we got back I then soaked it in the herbal essences bee strong leave in conditioner, then brushed out using my Tangle Teaser. All round winning combination, my hair was soft and smooth - a major improvement from last time we were there - and my hair had to be soaked in a mask for what felt like hours!

Last up was a surprise. In my Estee Lauder Haul I got a mixture of deluxe samples. I was all set to fall in love with their night oil, but instead it was their Day Wear Moisturiser that stood out. The Smell, the texture... I just love the way it made my skin feel... and it wasnt as pricey as I expected it to be... allround winner in my opinion!

Which things can you not live without on a holiday? Which things have surprised you recently? I would love to know, let me know in the comments below :)

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