Product Review: Fleur Loves By Eyelure

Lashes are not something I would usually wear, I tend to find them way too much hassle than they were worth, but ever since watching Fleur De Force reveal her colab with Eyelure they have made me curious about her little creations. 

What attracted me was the length of them, 3/4 the length means no trimming them to fit my teeny eyes. Instant hit. 

What I love the most about these is 100% their length, not only do they look more natural, they are comfier and waaaay easier to get on. No eyelash tantrums from me! 

Once they are on the result is fab, instant eyelash boosting, but enough that people still question if you are wearing fake lashes, perfect :)

These lashes are ideal for both daytime and nights out, reusable and awesome quality. Alround winner. Thanks Fleur, for introducing me to lashes again :)

Pick yours up here for £5.25 at boots.

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