October Favourites

Yay! It's favourites time again! I do love a monthy favourites post, and this month I have been reaching constantly for these products, which made choosing favourites this month so easy. 

If you follow me on instagram @MakeErinOver these products will be no surprise to you, as these have been in almost every "make up of the day" post I have done this month, so if you want an insight, make sure you follow me on there (yes yes a shameless plug :P)

1.  Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer £10.99

2. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel foundation £10.99 

I cannot get enough of this duo, they have been my go to items for over a month now, I just always seem to end up reaching for them, they leave a beautiful finish, can see my full post here

3. Nail's Inc Regent Place(£3.99 - TKMaxx) - This is so beautiful, a cool blue, lilac purple, perfect for winter. 

4.  Yankee Candle Melts (£1.49) - After trying these out I am really really impressed. The smell they give off is incredible for the price. I think I am converted. Expecially for christmas, those gingerbready scents I just cannot stay away from :)

5. That Brooke Shields MAC Palette - There is no words to say how much I love this, this was the first thing I grabbed for this month's favourites because I just cant seem to get enough of it. The middle row is just perfection, that highlight shade and that gold, think Amber Lights only softer... you can read all about me chattering away about this here (and see a finished look with this palette)

6. Maybelline Matte Lipstick in "Devine Wine" (£6.99 - Boots) This was also a 100% going to be in my favourites this month. It's not very often I fall in love with a low end lipstick, and I really am not a huge fan of Maybelline's usual collection as I find them too creamy.. but their new matte collection is just completely beautiful. Especially this shade, if you see it go for it - I promise it will not disappoint :)

7. It's October, the PSL arrived back at Starbucks. Needless to say I have been obsessed all month. Pumpkin Spiced Everything (and yes this makes me "basic", proud ha)

8. What I have Been Watching: Reign - Available on Netfix I have been binge watching this as I have been pretending to do the dishes, hands in the sink watching hours of this on the ipad, totally distracted but unable to look away. It's basically Mary Queen of Scots being a total badass and looking fabulous in the process. If you haven't seen it, I totally recommend checking it out :)

9. A Sneaky Extra: My best friend since High School had her Daughter Anna 29.10.15, how could I do a favourites without mentioning her? cute baby snuggles. And that is exactly who I am away to see now, so have an amazing weekend lovelies, and let me know what you have been up to and what you have been loving this month? have you seen Reign? Leave me a comment below


  1. I love your favourites! Yesterday I wanted to buy that Maybelline liptick, but the only one left was the tester (I was really annoyed). I ended up buying the Color Drama Velvet Lip Pencil in Red Essential, which is also very beautiful.
    Congrats to your friend for the baby!
    Have a nice day xx


  2. I love Yankee Candles! I need to go stock up on the Christmas ones x


  3. I am a pumpkin spice latte lover too, it is so delicious and feels so festive! I keep seeing that Maybelline lipstick everywhere yet I haven't given it a try! Congratulations to your best friend :) xx


  4. I had pumpkin spice latte yesterday at Starbucks, ahhh it was sooo delicious! <3 <3 Great picks, btw, I absolutely love the look of that palette. x Thank you for sharing! x


  5. Fabulous favourites, girlie :) You made me want PSL + that muffin so much lol
    Loving all the beauty related bits and bobs + candle choice, always a good one :)
    Just added you on Insta hon <3
    xox Nadia


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