MAC: My Perfect Little Quad


I do love MAC, they pretty much win on everything, and if I was to be a one brand girl - MAC would be it. 

One of my favourite products from them is their eyeshadows, I love how there is always one you don't have - I love the endless options on palettes making your own perfect for you - your tastes. Then you dont have the pesky problem of when you run out of a shade, just swap it for a full one. YAY! 

I stand by filling a 15 pan palette, but the quad is so handy for travelling. So here is my go to quad for whenever I am on the go, or when I just don't want to decide! 

First up is a highlight colour - my top pick is Nylon. It is beyond beautiful, perfectly shimmery and pigmented. this is ideal for all over the lid, along the upper lashline and on the browbone. This is a top pick from MAC.

All that Glitters is an amazing shimmery, all over the lid, one colour wash that fufills all your needs. It definitely deserves all the hype it has earned amounst the blogging community. 

Patina has the same effect as All that Glitters, only a warm brown tone, if I want to add more dimention to my eye I will pair this up with all that glitters using it in my crease. Beautiful shade. 

Last up should be swapped around depending on your hair colour. This shade is too light for my brows, but it will soon be swapped with one to match. So not only can you use this with Patina, it can be used with your eyebrows too. Multi-tasking palette that wont let you down - and you will use every single shade. 

Now let me know in the comments below your Quad picks for a MAC palette, which ones would you swap? let me know in the comments below :) 

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