Budget Candles

Picking out candles can be fun, but there is always the worry that a cheap one won't have the same payoff as a more expensive one.

I'm not gonna lie, I am yet to try a Jo Malone, or pay more than £20 for one, but I have found some excellent alternatives to make sure your more than getting your money worth! 

1. (Not shown) is IKEA. Their candles are cheap and cheerful, not the biggest payoff, but at £1 you could buy 20, light them all at once and still be better off than some brands! 

2. Yankee Candle - this sits around mid range in the candle world, readily available and good quality. I find sometimes they won't burn as well as they should, but for the length of time they last for the price.. They are worth the investment. 

3. (not Shown) Next - next candles are fab, there is a few exceptions (read the disclaimer at the bottom) but they have a very expensive smell, and there is very pretty containers, especially near Xmas time. 

4. Primark - starting at £1 these are fab. They have recently launched their Christmas ones and I am very impressed, will definitely be picking some up soon. At £1 they are good, and give off one hell of a smell. I like these for inside candle holders - as they will last longer than tea lights :) 

5. TK Maxx. - now this one is definitely my favourite to hunt though. Here you will get high end candles for high street prices. Stunning Soya Wax candles for less than £6, Neom candles for under £20... How can you complain? Definitely worth checking them out next time you are near a store :) 

6. B&M home - last but not least my favourites. b&m home sell a 4 pack of candles (either bakery or fruit scented) for £1.99.. And they are incredible. They give off so much scent it's like using a wax melt, every single time it's lit. I go through a pack a month for my bathroom, and they are 100% more than worth £1.99 (just don't tell b&m home that ;) 

Disclaimer: Always avoid square candles, they are a complete nightmare and never burn properly, the wick doesn't heat as high as it needs to and you end up with wasted wax down the sides. Also remember to burn your candle until the wax has melted flat, or you will end up with it not burning properly and wasted wax. (this has caused arguements in my house lol.. do not touch my candles.. sorry Iain :P) 

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