October's Wish List


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1. MAC Soft and Gentle - I am saving up for a MAC big splurge soon. See Below.
2.  MAC Whirl - Still not in stock... fml. (just order it online Erin, I know I know)
3. MAC Eyeshadow - instead of filling my MAC Palette I bought a new one - oops. Can view it here,
4. Next Fairy Lights - PURCHASED can see them in action on my Bedroom Tour
5. Next Jumper - PURCHASED I'm so in love. Blogpost here
6. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette - Not yet Released in the UK. (Also see below)
Octobers wish list:
1. A Dress for my Birthday (£35.00 - Tesco F&F) - I can almost gaurentee you just now if I do choose to buy this dress I will try it on, hate it and return it. I am such a nightmare with dresses. Either way we are having a girly shopping trip in Edinburgh just after my birthday, and I would love something nice to wear to it :)

2. A Bag from Next (£23.00 - Next) - Everyone is obsessing with the Chloe bag, but with a £1K+ price tag it can jog on ha, seriously its just too much, the thought of spending that on a bag makes me cry a little. But this one is just beautiful, and at £23.00 it is a complete winner.

3. The Ambient Lighting Powder (£65-£85 - SpaceNK) - Now this one has been a constant in my wishlist for months, and I am beginning to have doubts on it - mainly due to its reviews from most of the American Bloggers deeming it "not worth the price" as the pans are very small, and all combined they are not even the same amount of product as a single ambient lighting powder, so I don't know what to go for, any suggestions?

4. The New MAC LE Collection "Magic Of the Night" - I am so obsessing over the previews of this new limited edition collection. Typically I would have 6 wishlish items, but 3 of them had to be taken by this. I can't even decide which bits I want (I want them all!) but definitely the highlighter! - I wont be shocked if this sells out in seconds online. It's beautiful. Plus that purple lipstick.. need it. Need it all!

What things are you after this month? Let me know in the comments below! :)

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