Fashion: A New Next Jumper

Say hello to my new favourite jumper. I swear this jumper is either on me, or in the wash - it rarely gets hung up. It's just perfect for this time of year, all the colours just make it go with anything. Definitely my favourite clothing item at the moment. 

This jumper is oversized, so comes far past my bum, which for me is ideal.  I can wear it with Leggings, skirts and jeans. My favourite is with a denim collar out the top, and leggings on the bottom, normally team it with a cute pair of boots and a bold lip. That's what I did for this weekend for the fireworks.

How cute and romantic are we? hehe. This was in St Andrews. 

The jumper is just fantastic, kept me warm enough, looks awesome, but this is an appology to anyone who knows me, I know you are fed up with seeing the jumper, but I just love it! 

Check it out here for £32.00

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