Turning 25

"Happy birthday to meeee" 

Yup it's my birthday.. it's my birthday... am gonna spend my moneyyyyyyy *insert video of AJ singing* - haha

Ok enough enough with the singing. 

As much as I love my birthday, it just isn't the same excitement once you have kids and are over 21, no parties, hell I will be happy to have a cake! So on that note here is 25 things I want to achieve this year, 25 things I want to do before I hit 26, lets go! 

1. The Big one. Buy a House. Scary just writing that. 

2. Go to college, uni, discover something I want to do and love. 

3. Loose 25lbs. 

4. Go on a haven holiday (See 1. for no Bahamas ha) 

5. Spend more time with my Mum & Gran. 

6. See my Gran & Grandad Celebrate their 70th Birthdays and 50th Wedding anniversary. 

7. Try not to cry as AJ starts Primary 1. 

8. Complete Elf on the Shelf, all 25 days. 

9. Get to 1000 followers on IG, and 150 on bloglovin.

10. Meet a blogger idol. 

11. Get control of my spending. 

12. Pay off the Debt. 

13. Tell Iain every day I love him, show him. 

14. Teach AJ to appreciate Harry Potter & Star Wars. 

15. Learn to love AJ's interests - even if they are still fire engines. 

16. Figure out what causes my snoring. 

17. Spend time with my friends, make time for people outside of my town. 

18. Meet some new people. 

19. Own another Tiffany Box. (with something inside of course!) 

20.  Learn that no matter how much I ignore housework, it doesn't go away! 

21. Stay up to date with Project Life 

22. Own a MAC Brush. 

23. Learn to make Macaroons

24. Build a Snowman

25. Be happy, laugh and enjoy yourself. 

make sure to stop by over the weekend as i'm sure I will be posting what I got for my birthday, also make sure to follow me on Instagram @MakeErinOver as I am going shopping in Edinburgh on Saturday with my lovely friends, and I will be posting what I am up to :) 

Hope you all have a fab week, and let me know what things you would have on your todo lists for he next year? let me know in the comments below :)


  1. Happy birthday! Lovely list of goals :) In the next year, I plan to: graduate, find a paralegal role or graduate scheme, buy my first house with my boyfriend and convince him to allow us to have a cat, ha!xx

    Laura | Lala London: Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. aww wow you have a fab year ahead then! I thought just buying a house would be enough, im sure you will do great, and fingers crossed for the cat! :)

  2. Happy birthday! lovely photo too <3

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  3. Happy happy happy birthday lovely you :)
    Hope you had a blast, girl!!
    Love all the goals you set up for yourself! With just a little bit of determination and your drive, you will get them done and dusted, hon :)
    xox Nadia

  4. I already told you happy birthday on Instagram and again happy belated birthday :) (as I couldn't even check my blog for almost a week *sigh*, I just manage to read your post) I hope you manage to do all these, I will start making my own list soon as I will turn 30 on january, I must have a good list like that :)) Hope you had a great day!


    1. aww thank you so much lovely! Will be looking forward to your list! I have had a busy week too, just getting round to reading all the posts I have missed too :)


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