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I have been eyeing up make up revolution now for months on superdrugs website, but I suck at online shopping, every single time I end up not completing the transaction. I have no idea why, probably the guilt it more obvious online... I hear my brain saying "you don't need it" but instore it gets full on ignored. 

Anyway! I was in town and decided to pop into superdrug, not only had it had a huge refit, it now has extra counters including make up revolution. I was so excited, not only is the refit beyond beautiful, the range has doubled! That's it though... No more money left for me, superdrug have upped their game and now I really cannot resist. 

So with 3 for 2 on I picked up the 3 things that had been in my basket online for months, (June to be exact!) I got myself the concealer palette, blush palette and the radiance palette. 

So far I am really really impressed with the quality, my face was looking flawless with the concealer palette. It gave me a chance to try out which colours work best with my under eye and reddness before I decide to splash out on any high end options (or even just stick with this!) 

The blush palette is lovely, very me, muted pink shades which match my skin tone beautifully. Pigment is great too, not to harsh so you can build it into a really lovely finish. 

My favourite of the 3 has to be the Radiance palette. A total doupe of the hourglass ambient lighting palette I have been loving this since I got my hands on it, and if anything all it has done is encourage me to go for the hourglass option... But I must say the make up revolution option is fantastic, the middle highlight is perfect for a subtle glow across your cheeks, the left muted colour I will use across my face, leaving me glowing (not glittery which I was concerned about). The darker tone I have found harder to use as I am so pale, but I am sure I will adapt how to work it soon. 

Have you tried out anything from makeup revolution yet? I can see them becoming my favourite drugstore option. Which things would you recommend? Anything to avoid? Let me know in the comments below :) 

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  1. Wow, they are stunning <3 I am in love, especially with the Radiance!!! Must get it asap!
    xox Nadia


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