MAC Palette

I've been saying I will do a full post and swatches of my MAC palette for a little over a month now, so here it is. 

A MAC palette is a big commitment, a £160 commitment to be exact, but being able to choose your own shades is really really fun, not to mention completely unique to you... no shades unused, and the ability to change the pan the minute you finish, or if/when you get fed up of a colour. 

I filled mine over a year, countless wanders down to MAC, looking at swatches and trying to figure out which shades to go for: so here are my picks.

MAC Swatches


1. Nylon (Frost) "Pale Gold with Icy Shimmer" - I found that Nylon was my perfect highlight shade, so creamy and smooth, it really does just give the perfect sheen to any eye look. I find this beautiful along the lash line using all that glitters, really does glow.

2. All That Glitters (Veluxe Pearl) "Biege with Gold Pearl" All that Glitters is thee most beautiful golden pink subtle but beautiful shade. This is the most hyped MAC shade, and it has completely earned it. 

3. Woodwinked (Veluxe Pearl) "Warm Antique Gold" Woodwinked is the perfect warm brown shade, I will use this all over my lid for a basic brown eye, its lovely.

4. Tempting (Lustre) "Sinfully Rich Coco" Tempting is a high shine formulaton, but again beautiful as a wash of colour. I will use this in my crease with Woodwinked sometimes too.

5. Sable (Frost) "Gold Plum with Bronze Pearl" This is such an odd colour, yet completely works, I love this with Texture for a really warm smokey eye.


6. Texture (Velvet) "Peachy Brown with Shimmer" I wouldn't say this has a shimmer, its almost Matte, I love how warm this shade is, it really does just go with everything in the palette.

7. Amber Lights (Frost) "Peachy Brown with Shimmer" Amber Lights is every girls best friend. If you love a gold eye you must own this. It is warm, true gold. Love it!

8. Sumptuous Olive (Veluxe Pearl) "Khaki with Pearl" This is the shade I shouldn't love, but without a doubt was my favourite in 2015. It's a greeny gold shimmer, its just beautiful. I use this with Mulch.

9. Humid (Frost) "Intense Green with Shimmer" If I want to make Sumptuous Olive more green I will use this as a crease colour... but I would say I definitely use this the least. Maybe I should try to use this more.

10. Steamy (Frost) "Blueish Green with Gold Pearl" This is a mermaid blue, think fish scales. Odd but true, rarely used but something completely different - if I am feeling whacky.


11. Patina (Frost) "Taupe Brown with Golden Pearl" The cool toned brown, how much brown can I get into one palette huh?

12. Mulch (Velvet) "Red Brown with Bronze Pearl" This was bought to be my perfect crease shade, and it totally is. I use this all the time.

13. Coppering (Veluxe Pearl) "Orange Copper" This is also something I don't use very often, but teamed up with Amber Lights it is the perfect dramatic warm gold/red eye. Very Autumnal.

14. Brown Down (Matte) "Teddy Bear Brown" The Matte Brown, just incase I am fed up with all the shimmer...

15. Sketch (Velvet) "Burgundy with Red Shimmer" A warm purple, I am making the effort to use this much more, as it is beautiful with most of my shades.

So there is all my shades, can you tell I have a slight brown obsession? Building this myself really taught me the shades I like most and the colours which suit me. It is completely worth doing if you can afford to, and have the time to.

So what's your thoughts on the MAC palettes? which colours would you go for? are you tempted to build one? and if you have what is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below :)


  1. £160 is a big commitment, but when you filled it over a year then it doesn't look that much :) I don't have any eyeshadows from MAC, I keep swatching them but I am not really sure about purchasing because of the price :( I like the first and the third rows more than the middle, I prefer brown shades more :)

  2. Wow, what a palette! The main thing is even though it sounds like A LOT but you have been building it for a wee while and now you have something you can truly love and enjoy - every little bit of it. Love all the brown/sandy/champagne'y shades so much - those are my go-to ones <3
    xox Nadia

  3. I love how you've included neutrals and colours into your palette! My favourite shade has to be amber lights and texture! xx

  4. Yeepers you've got some pretty shades in there! A nice variety of different ones as well, I love it! Makes me want to go down to a Mac store rught now :) I'd love to try Sumputous Olive! And Coppering looks really exciting too! And everything matte or golden and I'm in love hehe. :) £160 is a lot but you clearly get a lot for it too! I might consider doing a palette with four shadows first though :)
    Hope your week is going well!
    Emma xxx

  5. Sable, Woodwinked and All That Glitters are three of my absolute favourites! Sketch looks really pretty too, will have to check it out :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  6. Beautiful palette! We've got some similar shades but Sable and Coppering are gorgeous (I was tempted to go for those in my palette). There's so many beautiful shades available and I love using my palette everyday, hope you do too =)

  7. So pretty! I really love your palette! I finished mine last year and I'm still debating if I should try building a new one! :P


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